Insanity Unleashed: The Beginning of Tri-Klops (A Fan Fiction Story)

His head was aching. And he was lost. The mountains tricked him. Now he did not find home. The young blacksmith’s powers were about to fail. Then he found the cave. He crawled in. It gave him coolness and comfort. And he fell asleep.

It was midnight when he woke. Strange voices could be heard in the cave. Or was it only the wind? The voices became louder. They seemed to be almost in his head. Or they actually were. He could not tell.

“Destroy!” “Annihilate!” The commands in his head became louder. He could not bear it. His fists beat his head. „I want it to stop“, he screamed.

With his bare hands he grabbed the sand from the ground and threw it to his heads. He grabbed dirt… and some stones. Or was it… emeralds! Green, red, blue. The cave had revealed its secrets. It was an emerald mine. Pure treasure!

But to the young blacksmith these stones were of no wealth. He took the gems and beat it to his heads. „If only I could make those voices go away“, he yelled.

„I can make them disappear!“ A dark voice answered out of the shadows. „Who—“ the blacksmith murmured. „I am the one who can make your pains go away.“ An evil laughter could be heard and then a skeleton face could be seen in the dark. The man had come closer.

„Wear this and you’re relieved.“ The skeleton man held a metal helmet in his hand. There were three openings in it. „And then my pain goes away and those voices in my hand as well?“, the blacksmith asked. „They will. One condition though: You will by my eternal servant once and forever.“ Skeletor smiled.

The blacksmith looked at the metal hat and hesitated for a second. Than the voices in his head raged once again, trying to prevent him from putting the iron crown on his head. The blacksmith put it on. As he did it, three flashes of light emissioned from the hat. It was now fitted on the blacksmith’s head and would never to be taken off again.

Skeletor came forward with three emeralds. He put a red, green and blue one in each of the hat’s openings. „Now rise, Tri-Klops“, Skeletor commanded. „Yes, master!“, answered the servant.

And Tri-Klops rose to his feet. He felt powerful. And the voices in his head had vanished. His metal hat sirred. With his green eye he could suddenly see in the dark. His emerald eye changed once again: with his blue eye he could see through the cave’s stone walls. It was still dark outside. He changed to the red eye. A laser charge sound now filled in his head. He was about to fire. „Don’t you dare!“, Skeletor yelled who was standing right in front of him. Tri-Klops stopped immediately.

Then the two men silently left the cave. The sun rose already. The night had left behind a blacksmith. And had created yet another dark creature.


Note from the author
This is the (fantasy) work of a Masters of the Universe fan. Tributing the FILMATION animated series and the German EUROPA audioplays. Out of pure love for this fantastic concept called HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

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The Death and Resurrection of EXTENDAR (a Masters of the Universe Fan Fiction Origin Story) I Tod und Auferstehung des EXTENDAR (eine Masters of the Universe Fan Fiction Origin Story)

[EN] Before there was EXTENDAR, there was Kor-Dar. With Trap-Jaw, he met his destiny. But the Sorceress could save him. Event if that that would mean that she would make Kor-Dar to something completely different….

[DE] Vor EXTENDAR gab es Kor-Dar. Eine Begegnung mit Trap-Jaw besiegelte sein Schicksal.  Doch die Sorceress konnte ihn retten. Auch wenn das bedeutete, dass sie Kor-Dar zu etwas vollkommen anderem machen musste…

There was no escape. Kor-Dar was encircled. Here in this valley. And his opponent pointed the laser weapon at him.
“Any last words?”, his counterpart asked mockingly. The metal mouth creaked. Kor-Dar straightened his body and looked determined. Then Trap-Jaw fired. Kor-Dar collapsed. The laser wound ate him up from the inside. The pain was unbearbable.
Trap-Jaw turned and disappeared. His job was completed. Kor-Dar remained lying. He watched the sky above him. His eyes turned cloudy. The end was near. What was that? A bird’s wings. A falcon? Then Kor-Dar became unconscious.
Just as the brave Kor-Dar collapsed, Zoar had just arrived. She had come too late to prevent the deadly shot. The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull in the disguise of a powerful falcon regretted that very much. Kor-Dar had always been a loyal ally. An agent for the good. This profession now seemed to have led him to misfortune.
Zoar could not save Kor-Dars life. But she could cast a spell. This could not save Kor-Dars human shell. But his matter could be. The spirit of life, the collected memory of a being was secured in this way. The spell held the matter together before it could dissolve.
But this condition could not be kept long. She had to reach the alchemist quickly. And so she made her way to the Mystic Mountains.

Arrived at the top of the mountain range, she landed directly in front of a dark cave entrance. She let out a scream. In the cave it flashed briefly. HE was present.

“Come in, my old friend,” said the Alechmist in a dark voice. He wore a brown cowl. He wore a hood over his head so that one could not see his face. “What can I do for you?”

Zoar told him what had happened. The alchemist nodded. “We can not revice  his body. It’s too late for that. But we can give him a new one.”

With these words, the alchemist strode to his forge. Next to a huge fire stood several wrought iron cauldrons. He heated it and put in various pieces of metal. These he mixed with other substances from a variety of bottles that stood around him. Several times it sparked and blazed out of the kettles.

The alchemist poured the molten metal into various forms. A head shape. An forging template for an arm. Hands, upper body. Feet. The cast metal shone silvery.

Time was progressing. And then everything was done. The alchemist turned to Zoar and looked into her eyes: “I’m ready.” Zoar spread her wings and sat in the middle of the moldings. Then she let the power of Grayskull work. The room was bathed in light. Kor-Dars matter rose and floated  in the room. Like mist, she now slipped into the artificial body parts lying on the floor. A glare, lightning – then it was dark in the room. And nothing happened.

Zoar screamed. A spell she uttered in her falcon form. The parts moved. And were put together as if there was an invisible hand. The legs were attached to the body. The arms tightened tightly on the shoulders. The head, the visor, the helmet. Everything became a whole.

And after not something but SOMEONE lay on the ground: a metallic warrior. Clad in a shiny silver armor. And he moved. The warrior opened his eyes. Stood up. And then the warrior extended his head like a telescope. The metallic man now reached to the cave ceiling. The arms followed and lengthened until they reached the cave’s ceiling.

Now Kor-Dar was more than twice the size of the alchemist. The warrior lowered his visor. And looked at Zoar and the alchemist. “Thank you for the salvation. Although you could not save my body,  you kept my spirit.” Kor-Dars voice sounded metallic-dark now. Zoar nodded. She then flew out of the cave. The alchemist disappeared in the dark of the cave.

Kor Dar stepped out of the cave. Glowing morning light dazzled him. With a whir, he raised his visor  to protect his sensitive robotic eyes. And then EXTENDAR, as he would be called by his friends from now on, started to descend the mountain. He had a lot to be taken care of. There was still a lot of evil to fight. And Trap-Jaw would be first one he’d pay a visit.

Why a “new” Origin Story?
This is an Origins story I’ve written about Extendar. Certainly there is an “official” one. That’s not what I’m concerned about. I’ve always been bothered by the fact that the background stories in the mini-comics of the vintage characters are sometimes a bit too short and one-dimensional. Especially with the vintage figures that were released later in the toy line.

-Deutsche Version-

Tod und Auferstehung des EXTENDAR (eine Masters of the Universe Fan Fiction Origin Story)

Es gab kein Entkommen. Kor-Dar war eingekesselt.  Hier in dieser Schlucht. Und sein Widersacher richtete die Laserwaffe auf ihn.

“Letzte Worte?” fragte sein Gegenüber spöttisch. Das Metallmaul knarzte. Kor-Dar straffte seinen Körper und schaute entschlossen. Dann feuerte Trap-Jaw. Kor-Dar brach zusammen. Die Lasernergie fraß sich in seinen Körper. Ein höllischer  Schmerz.

Trap-Jaw drehte sich um und verschwand. Auftrag erledigt. Kor-Dar blieb liegen. Schaute in den Himmel. Sein Blick wurde trübe. Das Ende war nah. Was war das? Vogelschwingen. Ein Falke? Dann wurde Kor-Dar bewusstlos.

Gerade als der tapfere Kor-Dar zusammengebrochen war, kam Zoar gerade angeflogen. Sie war zu spät gekommen, um den tödlichen Schuss zu verhindern. Die Zauberin von Castle Grayskull in Gestalt  eines mächtigen Falken bedauerte das sehr. Kor-Dar war stets ein treuer Verbündeter gewesen. Ein Agent für das Gute. Diese Profession schien ihm nun zum Verhängnis geworden zu sein.

Zoar konnte Kor-Dars Leben nicht mehr retten. Aber sie konnte einen Zauberspruch freisetzen. Dieser rettete zwar nicht Kor-Dars menschliche Hülle. Seine Materie aber schon. Der Lebensgeist, die gesammelte Erinnerung eines Wesens wurde auf diese Weise gesichert. Der Zauberspruch hielt die Materie zusammen, bevor sie sich auflösen konnte.

Doch dieser Zustand konnte nicht lange gehalten werden. Sie musste den Alchemisten schnell erreichen. Und so machte sie sich auf den Weg in die Mystic Mountains.

Angekommen auf der Spitze der magischen Bergkette landete sie direkt vor einem dunklen Höhleneingang. Sie stieß einen Schrei aus. In der Höhle blitzte es kurz auf. ER war zugegen.

“Komm’ herein, alte Freundin”, sagte der Alechmist mit dunkler Stimme. Er trug eine braune Kutte. Über seinem Kopf trug er eine Kapuze, so dass man sein Gesicht nicht sehen konnte. “Was kann ich für dich tun?”

Zoar erzählte, was geschehen war. Der Alchemist nickte. “Wir können seinen Körper nicht wiederholen. Dazu ist es zu spät. Doch wir können ihm einen neuen geben.”

Mit diesen Worten schritt der Alchemist zu seinem Schmiedeofen. Neben einem gewaltigen Feuer standen dort mehrere schmiedeeiserne  Kessel. Diese erhitzte er und gab verschiedene Metallstücke herein. Diese vermischte er mit weiteren Stoffen aus einer Vielzahl von Flaschen, die um ihn herum standen. Mehrfach funkte und flammte es aus den Kesseln.

Der Alchemist goss das flüssige Metall in verschiedene Formen, die er nun aus einem Versenkung geholt hatte. Eine Kopfform. Eine Armgussvorlage. Hände, Oberkörper. Füße. Das eingegossene Metall glänzte silbern.

Die Zeit schritt voran. Und dann war alles vollbracht. Der Alchemist drehte sich zu Zoar um und schaute ihr in die Augen: “ICH bin bereit.” Zoar breitete ihre Flügel aus und setzte sich in Mitten der Formteile. Dann ließ sie die Macht von Grayskull wirken. Der Raum tauchte in gleißendes Licht.  Kor-Dars Materie erhob sich und wabberte im Raum. Wie Nebel schlich sie nun in die auf dem Boden liegenden künstlichen Körperteile. Ein Gleißen, Blitzen — dann war es dunkel im Raum. Und nichts geschah.

Zoar schrie auf. Ein Zauberspruch, den sie in ihrer Falkengestalt aussprach.  Die Teile bewegten sich. Und setzten sich wie von unsichtbarer Hand zusammen. Die Beine fügten sich an den Körper. Die Arme schraubten sich fest an den Schultern. Der Kopf, das Visier, der Helm. Alles fügte sich zu einem Ganzen.

Und nach Sekunden lag da auf dem Boden: ein metallischer Krieger.  In silbern-glänzender Rüstung. Und er bewegte sich. Der Krieger öffnete die Augen. Stand auf. Und dann fuhr der Krieger seinen Kopf aus, wie ein Teleskop. Der metallische Mann  reichte nun bis an die Höhlendecke. Die Arme folgten surrend nach und längten sich um ein Vielfaches. Nun war Kor-Dar mehr als doppelt so groß wie der Alchemist.

Der Krieger fuhr sein Visier herunter. Und schaute Zoar und den Alchemisten an. “Danke für die Rettung. Meinen Körper konntet ihr nicht retten, aber meinen Geist habt Ihr bewahrt.” Kor-Dars Stimme klang nun metallisch-dunkel.  Zoar nickte und erhob sich. Sie flog aus der Höhle. Der Alchemist verschwand im Dunkeln der Höhle.

Kor-Dar trat aus der Höhle. Gleißendes Morgenlicht blendete ihn. Mit einem Surren fuhr er sein Gesichtsvisier hoch und schütze so seine empfindlichen Robotaugen. Und dann machte EXTENDAR, wie er künftig von seinen Freunden gerufen werden würde, sich an den Bergabstieg. Er hatte viel vor. Es gab noch viel Böses zu bekämpfen. Und als erste würde er sich Trap-Jaw vornehmen.

Warum eine “neue” Origin Story?
Dies ist eine von mir erdachte Origins-Story zu Extendar. Sicherlich gibt es eine “offizielle”. Darum geht es mir auch nicht. Mich hat immer etwas gestört, dass die Entstehungsgeschichten in den Mini-Comics der Vintage Figuren stellenweise immer  etwas zu kurz und eindimensional geraten sind. Besonders bei den Vintage-Figuren, die später entstanden sind.

Note from the author
This is the (fantasy) work of a Masters of the Universe fan. Tributing the FILMATION animated series and the German EUROPA audioplays. Out of pure love for this fantastic concept called HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

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The Death of Skeletor (A Masters of the Universe Short Story)

“You cannot win.” “We’ll see about that.” He-Man grabbed the grip of his Power Sword even more decisively. Skeletor swung his havoc staff in the direction of his eternal adversary. The eternal opponents stood once more against each other.

“And there will be no return for you,” snarled Skeletor, with a demonic voice, and rushed towards He-Man. The heroic warrior parried the attack by dividing Skeletor’s staff into two halves. Skeletor looked incredulous. Then he snarled contemptuously: “I do not need any weapons to defeat you.” With these words, he leaped forward. Cleverly, He-Man dodged the attack. And then it happened: Skeletor lost grip. He staggered toward the abyss of the Everlasting Mountains. The place where he had secretly followed He-Man to ambush him.

“Take my hand,” shouted He-Man. The most powerful man in the universe stretched out his muscular arm in Skeletor’s direction. For a moment the staggering Skeletor stopped. He remained silent as if he were considering the helping offer. Contemptuously, it flashed in Skeletor’s eyes. Then the demonic master lost its hold and fell. He fell into the depths.

He-Man hurried to the abyss. Nothing. He was gone. Skeletor. Dead. The demon of the darkness had disappeared. Forever. Wordless, He-Man turned around and climbed into his Dragon Walker. The mechanical chain drive set in motion.

Skeletor came slowly to himself. Could it be? He was not dead? His back ached. Around him: darkness. His hands felt sand. He had fallen into a sand pit. This had cushioned the fall and had saved his life. Slowly he got up. He was still dazed by the fall.

This was also the reason why he had not heard the hissing behind him. Then it was too late. The monster bit instantly. In his neck. Skeletor cried out. Then he reached over his shoulder with his right hand and grabbed the unknown creature. It felt scaly and cold. With all his strength, Skeletor tore at the being. Loud cracking. The teeth of the being broke off and remained stuck in Skeletor’s wound. The animal howled.

Skeletor grabbed the monster with both hands and held it in an iron grip in front of his face. With his dark eyeballs, he stared at the beast. “There is a wild spirit in you,” he said. “Like I am.” Skeletor grinned. The dragon resisted in vain. There was a chain on the floor. Probably from an earlier and obviously unsuccessful attempt to curb the animal.

The Prince of the Darkness held the dragon by one hand. With the other he picked up the chain. There was also a rusty padlock. Cleverly, he laid the chain around his neck and locked it with the lock. Then he let go of the dragon, but held the chain end firmly in his hand. The dragon dragged and shouted and wanted to escape. Then he sprayed green mist. Poison, Skeletor thought. He deflected the deadly mist. “Do it again and I’ll cut off your air forever,” Skeletor thundered towards the monster. The dragon stared at him with his green eyes – but did not spray his poison again. “Well, you’re able to learn,” grinned Skeletor.

Shortly afterwards in Snake Mountain. No one had noticed Skeletor’s absence. Two-Bad had just repaired Night Stalker. The robot horse was battered by a fight. Stinkor serviced the broken trapdoor, which no longer wanted to close automatically. And Beast-Man tried to be master of the rat plague that Snake Mountain had harbored for several months. “Everything is becoming kind of shabby here,” muttered Two-Bad.

What did you say,” a voice growled behind the two-headed evil warrior. Frightened, Two-Bad turned around. There stood Skeletor. He looked terrifying: he bled from several wounds. His harness was shredded and hung down in one place. The cape was torn and exposed parts of the naked dead skull head. And on his back sat a dragon. Chained to Skeletor’s body. The dragon had clung to Skeletor’s back. Blood ran from the wounds. But that did not seem to bother the Master of Evil. He seemed to be furious with himself. And that covered physical pain.

“Assemble in our war room,” Skeletor barked. “He-Man! Revenge is mine!” Skeletor’s vassals instantly let their work rest. They followed Skeletor. Skeletor walked along the dark corridors. He turned his head over his shoulder and said to his dragon, “We will destroy them all. All. And they will not see it coming. Because they think I’m dead. But I return as Dragon Blaster Skeletor.” He laughed sheepishly. As for the confirmation, the dragon snorted on his back. Skeletor closed the door of his war room. Dark times were ahead of Eternia.

Note from the author
This is the (fantasy) work of a Masters of the Universe fan. Tributing the FILMATION animated series and the German EUROPA audioplays. Out of pure love for this fantastic concept called HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. 

The character of Dragon Blaster Skeletor has always fascinated me. The resolution of the mini comics, as Skeletor came to his dragon, I like that. However, as a child, I had always imagined something more fateful and mystical about how these two creatures had found each other. I wanted to present this idea in a separate story. In the future, I plan to write more of this sort of initiation stories.

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Attack of the Time Reapers (A Masters of the Universe Short Story)


The Wind Raider slowly took off the ground. He-Man pushed buttons and the spacecraft accelerated. “Course on Eternis,” Orko said happily. He sat comfortably on the second seat. Orko and He-Man had searched for Queranium in the desert of time. This rare quartz was needed by Man-at-Arms for a new invention. Thanks to his Power Sword, He-Man had quickly found the place where the quartz lay under the ground. Now they were on their way home.

The strongest man in the universe was just joking with the little Trolan, as He-Man suddenly stopped talking. Before him the clouds had shifted. Suddenly and in an unusual formation. The clouds had changed into a strange pattern and had darkened. Then a second and a third cloud formation emerged. Almost at the same time, the three objects began to glow. It was a red, menacing light. He-Man took the Wind Raider’s control lever steering firmly in his hand and tried to dodge the objects.

But it was too late. The three objects simultaneously fired a red light beam from their innermost core. The three beams converged to one. They met the Wind Raider. It crashed loudly and He-Man cried out to Orko: “Hold tight! We are going to crash!” The Wind Raider’s instruments failed. He-Man could no longer control the spacecraft. Now it was necessary to survive the crash. The Wind Raider shot free-fall in the direction of the earth. Then came the impact. And He-Man and Orko blacked out.

Orko woke up first. His head ached. He lay on the ground. The impact had thrown him out of the Wind Raider. “He-Man?” Orko cried. “Over here,” said a voice. Orko’s powerful friend lay in the debris of the Wind Raider. “He-Man,” Orko said. “Are you hurt?” Orko hovered over to his friend. “I do not think so,” said He-Man, pushing the debris aside. The mystical power of Grayskull had saved him from worse. “Orko, what’s going on? I’m fine!” He asked because Orko would not stop staring at He-Man. Then Orko started to talk: “You-you-you …” Orko could not finish the sentence. He-Man now saw his reflection in the Wind Raider’s broken window. Then he realized the reason for Orko’s reaction. “I’m old,” said He-Man in disbelief.

He-Man’s face was wrinkled. His skin had become gray. Gray strands passed through his hair. This change must have been caused by these strange flying objects. What kind of force was that? But He-Man had no time to continue this thoughts. Because at that moment a red laser beam was fired at him. The objects continued their attacked. “Take cover,” shouted He-Man. He grabbed Orko and rescued himself with a jump behind a solid rock.

At this moment, another laser beam was fired at them. He-Man muttered: “It’s all just because of a small piece of quartz.” The ray had not hit the two, but the light seemed to have an effect. “I cannot hover any longer”, Orko yelled. The Trolan had sunk to the ground. And he looked tired, too. “On my planet Trola, only the children and the older people are not able to hover.” Old. That seemed to be the key to the whole thing. He-Man raised his Power Sword sword and looked at his face’s reflection. He now looked even older, his hair now completely white, his cheeks sunken, wrinkles and furrows running through his face.

“Orko,” He-Man said. “With each ray, these beings steal a little more of our time.” Orko looked at him in surprise. But then he understood. Yes, they had aged after each shot. That was it. These beings were nourished by the life energy of others. Orko clenched his fist and shouted in the direction of the objects: “Beware, time reapers!” “Be careful, my friend,” said He-Man. “Provoke them further and they make take even more of our life energy.”

They ducked behind the rocks, while the three time-eaters hovered over them. Protected by the rocks, the attackers could not see He-Man and his little friend. He-Man thought hard. He had to find a solution quickly to stop the attackers and to stop the aging process. He looked at his sword. A fight alone would not take them far to reverse the effect. But still looking at his sword, he had an idea: If the charm of Grayskull could transform him from Adam to He-Man, then it could possibly also change him back to young Adam and get rid of the aging effect. It was worth a try.

He-Man stood up from his cover and held aloft his Power Sword. He said the transformation formula in reverse order: “Power-the-have-I. Grayskull-of-Power-the-By.” He also pointed  his sword at Orko. Both were now covered in glaring light, which now slowly began to diminish from the outside to the inside. A weak glow, then the light completely disappeared into He-Man’s sword. Or rather said: In Adam’s sword. For now the prince stood there. The re-transformation had worked. Adam held his sword against his face. “I am my old self again,” he smiled. Orko smiled and corrected him; “You mean your young self.” And indeed, He-Man’s gray hair and wrinkles had disappeared. “And I too can hover again,” rejoiced Orko.

Suddenly, a loud blast could be heard. Adam defended the incoming laser beam with his sword. The time reapers attacked again. Then another shot. Adam again parried this. This time the reflected beam hit the time reaper. Suddenly the red glow in the interior of the being stopped. The colossus fell to the ground and no longer moved. Adam acted quickly now. He hurled his sword at the second time reaper. It was hit and turned black instantly. And then fell to the ground. Another  moment later, Adam had also defeated the third opponent.

He-Man looked at Orko and said: “The energy of my Power Sword has stopped the time-eating mechanism. This means that these beings, who feed on life energy, have fallen into a kind of shock.” Orko smiled at him, “Or you can call it a winter sleep. But for this, it’s really not cold enough here in the desert.” The Trolan giggled and He-Man was now able to laugh, too. The danger was over. Time to go home.

This story was originally published by me in German on April 22, 2017. This is the (fantasy) work of a Masters of the Universe fan. Tributing the FILMATION animated series and the German EUROPA audioplays. Out of pure love for this fantastic concept called HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Find out more about my MotU-related work in this blog section.

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Adam and Cringer are on a field trip when they are caught up in an ice rain. The Power Sword gets trapped in pure ice. Then Skeletor and his villains show up. Adam cannot transform into He-Man any longer.

FALL OF THE GOOD: A Masters of the Universe Short Story


“Help me,” said the voice feebly. Adam turned around. Then he saw the woman. She was old, barely able to keep upright. Only a stick, carved from an old branch, held her upright.

Adam had come to the market of Eternis to buy his favorite fruit. Drakata, the sweet fruit from Kandoria, was famous for its taste. Then he suddenly heard a lamentation from a dark alley. An old woman sat on the ground in the dust. Adam went to her.

“What can I do for you?” Adam asked in a friendly voice. The old woman began to tell. That she and her daughter had been lost in the forest. Suddenly her daughter had gone. In the jungle jungle she could not find them. With her last strength she had dragged herself into the capital of Eternia.

“I’ll help you,” Adam said with a determined voice. The old man’s face lit up at the same time. “Come with me, I’ll lead you to the place where we lost ourselves,” she said.

Adam went out of town with her. They walked through the woods of Evergreen Forest. They walked for a long time and the forest became more and more a dense jungle. Then the old woman pointed to a mountain top. “The mountain of Tanmut,” murmured Adam. This was the highest mountain of Eternia. Its peak lay in the clouds.

Adam and the old woman climbed the narrow spiral staircase, which led round the whole piece to the mountain. Around them came the thundering waters close to them. From the top of the mountain, the water fell downwards.

Arrived at the summit, Adam looked around. A strange place to come with his daughter, he thought. He looked for the plateau of the mountain. Were there animal prints on the damp ground? They looked like a panther’s  paw print…

… suddenly a piercing pain pierced Adam’s head. He sank to the ground. Something hit him hard on the head. Dazed, he turned his head and looked behind him. Above his head, two emerald green eyes flashed. A large, purple head came into his sight. He heard a dark, menacing roar. It was Panthor, Skeletor’s beast of prey. Panthor withdrew his powerful paw with which he had stretched Adam to the ground.

“Surprise,” a croaking female voice sounded. A pale, yellow face grinned at him. Evil-Lyn. Skeletor’s Demon Princess. Adam gasped heavily: “A trap.” “Indeed,” Evil-Lyn rejoiced. At that moment, she threw the dirty cape to the ground with which she and her charm had disguised old woman. “And you are very willingly tapped into it, naive prince. And your goodness will now be your doom. ”

With these words, Panthor pushed the dazed body of the prince piece by piece toward the abyss. Shortly before the edge, Evil-Lyn waved at him and said with a demonic voice: “And there was now one less in our way. Fall deep and rest in peace, little prince! “. With these words, Panthor pushed Adam over the edge of the hill.

Adam was now in free fall, gearing towards the bottom of the mountain. He heard the cruel laughter of Evil-Lyn in his ears. The thundering water shot him in the face and spun him in all directions. But that also aroused him from his dizziness. Only a few seconds and he would hit the ground. Adam would not survive that. But he would be able to become someone who could.

Adam now reached over his shoulder and got hold of the handle of his Power Sword. The force of the waterfall flipped him upside down. He almost dropped his sword. But he had it now firmly in his hand. He quickly pulled it out. “By the power of Grayskull!”. He shouted out full force. Water penetrated deep into his mouth. He gasped and coughed. With great effort he pressed the following words from his throat: “I have the Power!”.

Gleaming light now colored the waterfall into an unreal light. With brutal force, the power of Grayskull caused the water molecules to burst. For a fraction of a second the waterfall had now stopped. And He-Man could be seen clearly within it.

Milliseconds later, the strongest man of the universe struck to the ground at the foot of the waterfall. Stones and water were flying in all directions. Smallest drops of water obscured the view. Slowly the haze faded. And then there was He-Man. Upright. Standing in the water. Looking grimly.

After Panthor had pushed Adam over the cliff, Evil-Lyn had hitched on Panthor and had begun with the mighty beast the descent from the mountain. She smiled. She would bring to Skeletor the good news of the death of Prince Adam. ‘The Fall of the Good’. In the literal sense. She laughed. King Randor would be inconsolable about the death of his son. He would grieve. Withdraw from public life. Eternia would be vulnerable. And then Skeletor would strike. Use this weakness and seize the power.

“Kindness is not a weakness. It shows the true size of a man.” With these words, He-Man stopped Evil-Lyn at the foot of the mountain. She looked at him in surprise. “He-…” She would not be able to finish that sentence. Now He-Man had used the surprise moment for himself. With his mighty hands, he grabbed Panthor’s head with his bare hands and pushed the mighty animal firmly to the ground. Evil-Lyn was dropped and fell into the mud. He-Man drew his sword and held it close to Panthor’s eye. Quietly he said: “ONE movement.” The animal understood. It did not move an inch.

Adam went over to Evil-Lyn. “You? But … Adam? “She stammered. “Caught his fall” said He-Man with a serious expression. “But we’re not talking about him, but about you.” With these words, he grabbed Skeletor’s evil servant at her feet. She fell and then he dragged  here to a tree. He pulled a liana from that tree. He tied Lyn and put her on Panthor.

“Move, you ugly cat, move.” The animal obeyed. He-Man followed the two with a sword. After a long march, they arrived at Snake Mountain. The dawn had set in. The sky above the fortress of evil was bathed in an unreal blue mist. It smelled of putrefaction.

“Skeletor!” shouted He-Man. Silence. Movement in the castle. The Evil Lord of Destruction looked suspiciously out of a window of Snake Mountain. Standing safely behind a barred window. Kobra Khan, Two-Bad and Webstor stood next to him.

He-Man let the mud-lubricated and visibly frayed Evil-Lyn come into sight . At her sight, Skeletor took a deep breath. His red eyes glowed. He was furious. What a humiliation brought onto him by He-Man.

“Skeletor, I’ll bring back your vassal. She has failed. I thought she should tell you how everything went. I think you have a lot to discuss. ” With these words, he dropped the captured Evil-Lyn off Panthor. He-man then turned and walked slowly back towards the forest. Two-Bad and Webstor wanted to follow him. Skeletor made a gesture in their direction and said: “No! We are warriors, not cowards. We do not ambush our enemies.” With these words he turned his head slowly to Evil-Lyn. He looked at her silently. She lowered her head and looked to the ground. Now she could only hope for Skeletor’s kindness.




THE FROZEN SWORD: A Masters of the Universe Short Story

Prince Adam and his Tiger Cringer had flown with the Wind Raider into the woods of Eternia. There they wanted to look for a rare bird species, which they had read in the Royal Library of Eternia.

The prince and his tiger had just sat down on a large stone to search the treetops for birds. Suddenly they heard a sound. A quiet crash. Something had fallen right in front of her feet. That looked like a small piece of ice. Just then, another of them flew at Adam’s feet. And another one. And then the sky turned dark red.

“A hail storm”, Adam said to Cringer. “Quick, we must find shelter.” Adam and Cringer found a small cave in which they found shelter. Adam did not notice that his Sword of Power had slipped out of his sword sheath. Now it lay on the ground just a few feet away from the cave’s entrance. Adam noticed this now and wanted to get it. But at that moment, thousands of pieces of ice burst from the sky. They struck to the ground with great force. It was no longer possible to go out.

“I’ve never seen a hailstorm like this before on Eternia,” Adam muttered. Something was strange about it. Only Adam did not know what it was at that moment. On the ground now the pieces of ice were piled. They joined together to form a thick blanket. After a short time the grass and the plants could not be seen any more. And the Sword of Power was now under a thick blanket of ice.

Then the storm stopped as suddenly as it had come. Adam and Cringer came out of their shelter. The sun shone again in the sky. Nothing reminded of the violent storm any longer. Adam went to the place where his sword lay. With his hands he tried to break the ice. But he could not get it. The ground was frozen like concrete. From the Wind Raider he took a shovel and tried to break the ice with it. But it was impossible. The ground was hard as steel. Then suddenly the sky darkened over him.

But this time it was not a storm. Rather, it was an aircraft that obscured the sun. It had the form of a helicopter and at the same time the shape of a gigantic dragonfly. “That’s the Fright Fighter,” Adam murmured. And indeed it was the flying fighter helicopter of the evil masters of Eternia. As the fighter approached, Adam saw the pilot: It was Skeletor. Master of Evil. Eternal adversary. Next to him sat Whiplash and Ninjor.

The Fright Fighter landed on the ground. Adam had no way of getting the sword now. And even if he had been able to get the sword, how could he transform himself into the He-Man, the strongest man in the universe, without knowing that Skeletor and his minions would know the secret of his double identity?

Skeletor, Whiplash and Ninjor got out of the Fright Fighter. Skeletor grabbed his ramrod. Whiplash grunted loudly as he forced himself out of the Fighters’ seats. Ninjor immediately drew his great sword. This flashed in the sun. “Well, now, who are we,” said Skeletor, coming slowly to Adam. “The Prince of Eternia and his little cuddly cat.” He laughed throatily. “So all alone out here, dear prince?” Skeletor looked at him grinning. Adam did not answer and looked into the skeletal face with an unmoved expression.

“What a surprise,” continued Skeletor. “As we flew this morning to test our Weather Transformator, I did not realize I would make such a valuable catch today. The PRINCE of Eternia himself! ”

‘Weather Transformator’. Now Adam was clear who had caused the hail storm. Skeletor once again had built a deadly machine.

“Tie them up”, commanded the Master of Evil. Whiplash grunted and put on Adam’s and Cringer’s handcuffs made from Timaranium, the hardest metal to be found on Eternia. “And take them to Snake Mountain in the dungeon,” Skeletor continued.

A short time later Adam and Cringer found themselves in the dungeon of Snake Mountain. Around them was darkness. They were the only prisoners. Through the small window of their cell, they saw the stone serpent head of the Snake Mountain high up on the summit. Through this a river crashed into the depths. The breaking light colored the water red so that it looked like blood to the viewer. A frightening environment for all things that were good.

Adam thought about how he could escape. None of his friends knew that Cringer and he had flown into the forest. Even Man-At-Arms was not informed. And now he could not transform into He-Man. They had to help themselves. Fast. Before Skeletor did something cruel with them.

In front of the cell door, Adam saw a piece of rope. He managed to reach it with his hands. He put it around Cringer’s tiger body. The other end he attached to the grating of his cell window. “Pull, old cat,” exclaimed Adam. “I know you do not have the power of Battle Cat, but you’re still a strong, big cat.” Cringer took a step forward and collected all his strength. And indeed. The grid, rusty from the humidity, moved. Adam came to help Cringer now and pulled strong on the rope. With a jerk the grate window broke loose and fell to the ground.

Adam and Cringer now squeezed through the window. On the other side, they saw that there was a huge lake. It surrounded Snake Mountain. They had no choice. This was the only way out. Cringer and Adam jumped. Luckily they were able to swim well.

The end of the lake led directly into a river. They swam there and drifted downstream from the current. Clinging to a tree trunk, they drifted in the water. For a long time. Then they heard a loud noise. Adam and Cringer looked back at Snake Mountain. Smoke rose above the fortress. Skeletor and his minions had noticed their escape. Adam was now clear: he had to act quickly.

Adam and Cringer went ashore at the next river bend. “We’re not far from our Wind Raider, old friend,” Adam said to his tiger. “Get on my back,” Cringer muttered. And Adam did. Cringer ran off. He did not have the power of Battle Cat, but he was fast and agile anyway. They rode through the jungle at high speed. Past lianas, snakes and waterfalls. Cringer jumped with Adam on his back across pits, tree trunks and stones. Then they reached the clearing where Skeletor had placed them. The Wind Raider was still standing there. And the clearing was still covered in ice.

Adam had to hurry and find a solution quickly. He needed to free his sword from the ice. Skeletor and his minions would be here soon. And a new escape would surely not be so easy. Adam looked around. Then an idea came to him. “What are we doing, Adam?” Cringer muttered. The prince smiled:”At this point, only raw force can help!”. Cringer did not understand. Adam was not the strong He-Man. Adam went to the Wind Raider and took out an ax. He started cutting a tree. He struck the tree for so long until it began to incline. Then he suddenly stopped. He did the same with two more trees.

Then Cringer noticed that all the trees were leaning towards the place where the sword lay on the floor. “The trees need to fall at the same time,” Adam shouted. Cringer understood Adam’s plan. “On my command,” yelled Adam. At the same time he kicked a tree so that it began to fall. Cringer quickly pushed the second and third tree with his head in the right direction. With a loud crash, all three trees fell at the same time.

By the powerful force of the simultaneous impact, the ice broke into a thousand pieces. By the immense force, the Sword of Power was blown out of the ice and flew into the air in a high arc. Now Adam was on the spot. He stood under the sword and caught it with a secure grip. Upon contact with his hand, the magical sword flashed for a brief moment. Adam looked at Cringer and smiled. Then, with a rising voice, he called those words which he had so often said before when imminent danger was ahead: “BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL.” He paused a moment and then continued with a much deeper, even more forceful voice. “I HAVE THE POWER!”

Cringer and Adam were plunged into a glaring light. Around them, the air seemed to turn and rise like a tornado’s wake. The two were now no longer visible. Then the bright glow slowly faded and the outline of Adam and Cringer now slowly reappeared. But it was no longer the prince and the cat who were standing there. There in the middle of the clearing were now transformed: He-Man and Battle Cat.

He-Man put the Sword of Power back into his sheath and turned towards Battle Cat. Just at this moment came the Fright Fighter. Surprised, the Evil Lord of Destruction watched down from the cockpit to the ground. Skeletor had expected Adam. Now there was He-Man. Skeletor hesitated a little. Was he afraid of a confrontation? He thought for a moment, then landed the Fright Fighter.

Skeletor, Whiplash and Ninjor got out. In addition, they had brought back reinforcements: also the terrifying Spikor and the master of the evil smell, Stinkor, were on board. Skeletor grinned, showing his ugly teeth: “Ha! Searched for Adam and found He-Man! This is a good day for me.” Without further words, he grabbed his sword and rushed towards He-Man. He-Man repelled the sword. He struck Skeletor’s sword from his hand without much trouble. Briefly, the lord of evil looked irritated. Then he stepped aside and shouted, “Whiplash, Ninjor: Attack him!” The huge reptile man rushed to He-Man and Ninjor also pulled his long sword. In an instant, Battle Cat took off and stormed toward the minions. He rammed the two demons at the same time with his huge armored head. They fell to the ground and remained unconscious.

He-Man did not wait for the attack of the remaining minions. He wanted to put an end all this. He had been out here for too long. With his sword, he cut a large piece from the iced ground. He took the gigantic plate and raised it as if it were a mere leaf. Then he threw it into the direction of the henchmen of Skeletor. They were able to avoid it. But the Fright Fighter behind them was shattered into a thousand pieces.

“This will be a long way home for you,” grinned He-Man. With these words he directed his sword in the direction of Skeletor and his helpers. They instantly retreated and disappeared into the forest. Evil had lost this battle today. Skeletor turned around once more, clenched his fist and shouted, “I’ll see you soon, He-Man.” He-Man stowed his sword, turned and walked over to Battle Cat. In a lowered voice, he said to himself: “I know, Skeletor, I know. And I’ll be waiting.” Then he got onto the back of his mighty warrior cat. Dawn was setting. It was time to go home.

This story was originally published by me in its German language version. Read it here: DAS GEFRORENE SCHWERT: Eine Masters of the Universe Kurzgeschichte
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