If I could configure it: That would be my very own playset from the Masters of the Universe vintage line

I think we agree: we all have our very own favourite vintage MotU playset: to some of you it is Castle Grayskull, to others Snake Mountain. Some favor The Fright Zone. To others, their very own holy grail is Eternia. But let’s be honest: each playset has good and bad features. So I always thought it would be great to have a custom made. That is how mine would look like.

THE FROZEN SWORD: A Masters of the Universe Short Story

” (…) Skeletor, Whiplash and Ninjor got out. In addition, they had brought back reinforcements: also the terrifying Spikor and the master of the evil smell, Stinkor, were on board. Skeletor grinned, showing his ugly teeth: “Ha! Searched for Adam and found He-Man! This is a good day for me.” Without further words, he grabbed his sword and rushed towards He-Man. (…)”