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“You cannot win.” “We’ll see about that.” He-Man grabbed the grip of his Power Sword even more decisively. Skeletor swung his havoc staff in the direction of his eternal adversary. The eternal opponents stood once more against each other.

“And there will be no return for you,” snarled Skeletor, with a demonic voice, and rushed towards He-Man. The heroic warrior parried the attack by dividing Skeletor’s staff into two halves. Skeletor looked incredulous. Then he snarled contemptuously: “I do not need any weapons to defeat you.” With these words, he leaped forward. Cleverly, He-Man dodged the attack. And then it happened: Skeletor lost grip. He staggered toward the abyss of the Everlasting Mountains. The place where he had secretly followed He-Man to ambush him.

“Take my hand,” shouted He-Man. The most powerful man in the universe stretched out his muscular arm in…

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