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Roboto put the laser gun on his mechanical arm. A signal tone confirmed the correct locking of the weapon. The charge LED on the cannon lit up. Robotos’ visor closed. He walked out of the room with quick, precise steps. It was time for an inspection. Due to sickness at Teela’s palace guard, the mechalectric warrior had agreed to take over a watch.

Roboto stepped through Eternis’ city gate. The jungle began right in front of Eternia’s capital. Roboto walked along the palace walls. As he walked, the mechanical wheels turned in his transparent body. Suddenly he heard a sound. It came from the forest. Roboto slowly moved toward the edge of the forest. Suddenly pincersgripped the weapon and tore it off Roboto’smechanical arm. Electrical sparks flashed as the cannon fell to the ground. At the same time, a second set of pincersgrabbed Roboto’s…

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