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His head was aching. And he was lost. The mountains tricked him. Now he did not find home. The young blacksmith’s powers were about to fail. Then he found the cave. He crawled in. It gave him coolness and comfort. And he fell asleep.

It was midnight when he woke. Strange voices could be heard in the cave. Or was it only the wind? The voices became louder. They seemed to be almost in his head. Or they actually were. He could not tell.

“Destroy!” “Annihilate!” The commands in his head became louder. He could not bear it. His fists beat his head. „I want it to stop“, he screamed.

With his bare hands he grabbed the sand from the ground and threw it to his heads. He grabbed dirt… and some stones. Or was it… emeralds! Green, red, blue. The cave had revealed its secrets. It was an emerald…

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