That moment your are meeting John RAMBO: he is staring at you and you know: that’s it. It seems he cannot only kill with his tech bow but also with his eyes. But hey: John J. moves on and walks over to meet ROCKY Balboa. The champ is just resting from his fourth fight – Ivan Drago was quite a tough one! What would Rocky say if he knew he is about to meet the Russian boxer again a couple of years from now? Well he wouldn’t be scared. Same applies to Mario ‘COBRA’ Cobretti. The-one-man-cop-show takes justice into his own hand. He is the only cop willing to meet darkness in his job. That’s something Kit Latura wants to escape from — to get out of that about-to-collapse tunnel and find DAYLIGHT. Kit is happy that it’s over. Lincoln Hawk howver just got started and wants to take things OVER THE TOP. His arm wrestling skills are unique — so hang in there, Linc. For Gabe Walker, it’s rather “Hang on” – being a professional CLIFFHANGER he is. How is he supposed to know there are some terrorists coming up the mountain? He could need some of the super powers of one John Spartan – aka DEMOLITION MAN.

So NOW you know my favourite SYLVESTER STALLONE movies. What are yours? Comment section is waiting for you. 😀