MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: My Movie Trailer (Fan Project)


THE SITUATION: Big, big He-Man fan over here. Cannot wait until the new movie comes out. Some kind of relief: doing my own fan movie trailer. The motto: Relive the power, heighten the anticipation. Hope you share the passion. 😀

This is the BACKGROUND STORY for my trailer: … Eternia is in despair. The evil forces have taken over the planet. Skeletor reigns over Eternia. He-Man and his fellowship of heroes were badly wounded in battle (see 00:50 for He-Man’s burn he got in battle fighting Skeletor and his villains at the Battle at Volcano’s Gate). All hope seems lost. All hope? No. The powers of Grayskull are re-emerging. Time to strike back! Time to turn things! Time to turn into the MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE UNIVERSE! Defeat Skeletor, take back Eternia, bring back freedom! …

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