Twins of Eternia: The reuse of complete figures in the MotU vintage line

This is a reblog of a 2016 piece I did on the reuse of Motu figures in the line.

wolfstor's Masters Mania: All things Masters of the Universe

When you are a child, the power of imagination helps you to accept a lot of things that grown-ups may consider inadequacies.  May that be bad special effects in a movie or the cheap sugar-loaded setup of your favourite candy.  It does not matter: if a kid puts a lot “belief” in something, all negative aspects are painted over.

Imagination and the willingness-to-believe is probably the reason why, as a kid, I never considered vintage Stinkor to be a mere one-to-one copy of Mer-Man. Why I never thought that Moss Man is “only” a version of Beast Man with a pine-scented green coating. Or why Strydor and Night Stalker are nearly the exact same horses. This is about vintage MotU’s reuse of complete figures.

Almost twins: Mer-Man/Stinkor
Both figures share exactly the same body, limbs, head. Just take a look at the picture below. The repaint of Stinkor and the…

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