I saw Peppermint with Jennifer Garner at my local movie theater here in Southern Germany at the beginning of December 2018. This is my 2 cents on the flick.

I am actually very much into revenge movies. I like the straight-to-the-core storyline in this genre and when the action is done decently, I am all in.

My favourite movie in that genre is actually Taken. It all serves what I described before. Peppermint and Taken is directed by the same director, Pierre Morel. And I am really wondering why Peppermint really could not live up to Taken.

I liked Peppermint for Jennifer Garner’s performance. She is really doing well in that role, acting out the broken mum seeking for revenge. Her background story is well introduced and her motifs are believable.

Well, but for a revenge movie, the story is one thing and the action another. And that is the weak point in my opinion. The movie takes too long to pick up speed. It explains, details and reasons. Then there is a short action scene. You’re getting ready for more now but then the tension is already over. What follows: More explaining, more detailling, a little plot twist here. We’re now already at the movie’s finale (which is carried out well). Then it’s over for good.

Peppermint ist an ok movie but it won’t make my Top 10 revenge movie hit list.

My 2 cent rating: 6.5/10