Insanity Unleashed: The Beginning of Tri-Klops (A Fan Fiction Story)

His head was aching. And he was lost. The mountains tricked him. Now he did not find home. The young blacksmith’s powers were about to fail. Then he found the cave. He crawled in. It gave him coolness and comfort. And he fell asleep.

It was midnight when he woke. Strange voices could be heard in the cave. Or was it only the wind? The voices became louder. They seemed to be almost in his head. Or they actually were. He could not tell.

“Destroy!” “Annihilate!” The commands in his head became louder. He could not bear it. His fists beat his head. „I want it to stop“, he screamed.

With his bare hands he grabbed the sand from the ground and threw it to his heads. He grabbed dirt… and some stones. Or was it… emeralds! Green, red, blue. The cave had revealed its secrets. It was an emerald mine. Pure treasure!

But to the young blacksmith these stones were of no wealth. He took the gems and beat it to his heads. „If only I could make those voices go away“, he yelled.

„I can make them disappear!“ A dark voice answered out of the shadows. „Who—“ the blacksmith murmured. „I am the one who can make your pains go away.“ An evil laughter could be heard and then a skeleton face could be seen in the dark. The man had come closer.

„Wear this and you’re relieved.“ The skeleton man held a metal helmet in his hand. There were three openings in it. „And then my pain goes away and those voices in my hand as well?“, the blacksmith asked. „They will. One condition though: You will by my eternal servant once and forever.“ Skeletor smiled.

The blacksmith looked at the metal hat and hesitated for a second. Than the voices in his head raged once again, trying to prevent him from putting the iron crown on his head. The blacksmith put it on. As he did it, three flashes of light emissioned from the hat. It was now fitted on the blacksmith’s head and would never to be taken off again.

Skeletor came forward with three emeralds. He put a red, green and blue one in each of the hat’s openings. „Now rise, Tri-Klops“, Skeletor commanded. „Yes, master!“, answered the servant.

And Tri-Klops rose to his feet. He felt powerful. And the voices in his head had vanished. His metal hat sirred. With his green eye he could suddenly see in the dark. His emerald eye changed once again: with his blue eye he could see through the cave’s stone walls. It was still dark outside. He changed to the red eye. A laser charge sound now filled in his head. He was about to fire. „Don’t you dare!“, Skeletor yelled who was standing right in front of him. Tri-Klops stopped immediately.

Then the two men silently left the cave. The sun rose already. The night had left behind a blacksmith. And had created yet another dark creature.


Note from the author
This is the (fantasy) work of a Masters of the Universe fan. Tributing the FILMATION animated series and the German EUROPA audioplays. Out of pure love for this fantastic concept called HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

Read my other MotU fan fiction short stories.

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