Enter Laser Battle Skeletor

… it had not gone well for Skeletor. Seeking to defeat He-Man, he was ambushed by the Snake Men and the Evil Horde. His Roton was shot and without function now. The crash had mangled his right hand. Although seeking cover behind a rock, his opponents had fired constantly at him, leaving him with multiple serious wounds. Eventually he managed to grab a laser gun from one of his enemies. He had to make it out of here alive. LASER BATTLE SKELETOR recharged and aimed at his opponents…

I really enjoyed making this custom Masters of the Universe vintage figure. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Enter Laser Battle Skeletor

    1. Hi! This is an awesome idea! To be honest never thought in that context… But I just took a close look to my LL Skeletor figure and with all those wires etc. that could be. Love to think of a LL Skeletor concept in which his mechanization leads to creating a cyborg-like inhuman (and thus less compassionate) Skeletor. His vengeance would be more focussed on the Snake Men and The Horde, as they created this Mechano-Frankenstein… 😀


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