“I have to remind myself that Hordakworld cannot be built in a day!” – A Job Interview with Hordak.

How did Hordak came into his position as evil leader of the Horde? It’s all revealed in a 1982 job interview with him that has just resurfaced.

So Mr. Hordak, we have a position to fill which is quite challenging: on the one hand, you have to cope with the most powerful man in the Universe and his friends. On the other hand, there is Skeletor, lord of destruction, which might make life not too easy for you. What kind of qualification do you bring to the table to „master“ that challenge?

Hordak: Well, first of all I am a natural leader. Just look at me. All grey, black and red. True colors of leadership. And I’ve been working hard to get that determined bat face you are looking at. DETERMINATION. That’s what I’m all about!

Please explain.

Hordak: I come from a difficult upbringing. Living in those caves all these years. No light. Working on my evil skills in darkness with only bats to communicate. You gotta be determined to make something of that. I consider my life to be a true underdog story.

You mean under-bat?

Hordak (Looks irritated): Yeah, whatever.

Any special skills you have?

Hordak: Well, I have this red bat sitting on my arm. You’re seeing that? It’s fast although it looks kind of tired right now.

But I have more coming in the future. I am working on a biomechanic hurricane-propelled arm. That’s gonna be awesome. And I have one great vision of a weapon: a buzz saw flying right out of my chest towards my enemies! Sounds out-of-this-world, doesn’t it?

To me sounds rather dangerous for people who just want to say hello to you. What would your peers say your greatest skills are?

Hordak: Well, there is my buddy Mantenna. He is saying I can connect to people. Well, he has a great talent of connecting things himself.

Well then there is Leech. He feels very attached to me. Almost to a point where this closeness rather „sucks“. He says I have the air of true leader.

My furry friend Grizzlor is saying that I have a great talent of speaking to people. He isn’t a great speaker himself, you know. So I am doing this for him most of times.

What would be your greatest weakness?

Hordak: Well, that’s definitely my hunger for destruction. I want to destroy too fast to build my empire. I sometimes have to remind myself that Hordakworld cannot be built in a day. But I am working on that. I am taking anger management classes with Modulok.

Hordak, thank you for taking the time of talking to us. We’ll get back to you once we have interviewed all appplicants.

Hordak grunts, walks off to the Fright Zone cave to feed the dragon.

Note: This interview was done with Hordak at the Fright Zone on a Saturday night in early May of 1982 by interviewer wolfstor for his blog and the MASTERS MANIA facebook fan site. Right now wolfstor is trying to reach out to King Hiss for a sssssssssssssssssspecial interview.

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