I’m almost 42 now. Starting to be a fan in 1983 when I was 7, I re-discovered Masters of the Universe when I was 35 and my first child was born. You then think about how great your own childhood was.

And indeed it was. It was Matchbox cars, TV Saturday mornings and a lot of outdoor playing (being Robin Hood, the Fall Guy from the TV series and many other great TV and movie characters I reinterpreted on my childhood playground ‘programs’).
But the greatest of it all was Masters of the Universe. Why this is I came to think about these days (when you grow older, you think a lot about the past *LOL*).

First of all I think it was the mixture of fantasy and fiction that made me interested in the first place. I mean the 80s were just the perfect decade for that. Everything was fantasy, fiction, wizardry etc. It started with ET and Star Wars and continued with the Goonies. Let’s not talk about the lame 90s that mistook fantasy and fiction with poor cinematic CGI creations. But MotU borrowed fantasy and fiction from everywhere and took it to great level.

Then the whole MotU universe was an open world. It would not explain all and everything but rather let you room for your own childish interpretations. Let’s take the character origin stories. OK they were explained to some extent in the cartoon and in the mini comics that came with the figures.

But it still would not explain everything. How came Castle Grayskull into existence? Why was it one giant skull? And what had that to do with Skeletor who also had a skull as a face (was there a connection?). How come Cringer was a green tiger and no one would even wonder about that? And Teela having a snake staff as a weapon? Where were the snakes? And what about crazy evil dudes like Trap Jaw – how did he come into existence? It was only later via German audiotapes by Europa that I learned that Trap Jaw was a poor farmer that was run over by a tank steered by Skeletor (who would compensate the poor guy by replacing his limbs with mechanical parts…). A great universe to expand your dreams…

MotU gave me clear orientation what was good and what was evil. Strong and clear characters. You were either good or bad. No in-betweens. Maybe that was very 80ish as there was the Cold War going on. But hey, it gives an 8-year-old some clear set of rules. Until today I profit from that I think. I know that not everything can be seen black and white but a lot of times there are shades. But hey, something it is 0 and 1 and that helps you to get things done. I had later time to get all confused by not-so-clear-good-and-bad character types from the Marvel and other universes… *LOL*

That’s it. My three Main reasons why MotU is the best. What are your three reasons?