So WordPress shows me: this is my 100th post. An anniversary! Time to celebrate and look back…

April 7, 2016. +2 years ago. That’s when it all started. I always had wanted to write creatively in my free time (I am doing this on the professional side, but topics there are not so much fun). So I came across some Wordpess sites and really got interested in that technology. Never regretted it because it is really easy to publish.

My first post was all about how the posting here works. It was only one sentence.

My second post was all about why this blog is called “Wolfstor”.

I continued to elaborate a lot on my most beloved hobby: Masters of the Universe. A true fan since the 80s, I wrote some pieces about why MotU is what it is.

Later I also added some pieces of Masters of the Universe fan fiction to that 80s love.

Generally, I love writing so I added some short stories. Most of them are short stories for children (and mostly in my native German tongue). That’s because I have two of them and they like what I am writing. Sometimes the causes for writing stuff can be that simple… *LOL*.

I always have a big passion for movies and everything cinematic. That’s how this category came into being.

So here we are. 2 years later. Now some 100 posts. And still eager to go all the way. Love writing and will continue doing so. All the best to my fellow creative bloggers out there: here is to more! Bring on the posts!

All the best. Carsten.