Born in 1976, I’m a Masters of the Universe fan since 1983. Next to bringing a lot of joy to my life during the years, MotU taught me quite a bit. Here are my top five Lessons Learned (please, don’t take them TOO seriously):

  1. Greatness comes in …. one size. And that is 5 ½ inches. That’s the size of a regular vintage MotU figure.wp-1486893749496.jpeg
  2. Masters of the Universe has it: Sorcery, Wizardry, the Middle Ages, Barbarians, the Tech Future… you name it. And it all goes so beautiful together. No theme collision here.
  3. Looking wicked? Doesn’t mean you’re actually evil! What proofs to be true (sometimes) in life is true with MotU. Moss Man, Man-at-Arms, Man-E-Faces, just to name a few, they do look kind of angry and badass. At least that is if you take a look at the vintage figures. But they are heroic warriors. I took a lesson from that as a kid: Never judge a book by its cover.
  4. True heroes are colorful. Extravagant-daring-out-of-this-world color design. That’s Vintage MotU. Take Sy-Klone: This tornado guy makes one hell of an appearance with his blue-and-yellow design. His light-blueish face and the yellow helmet with that red planetary halo ring are just ingenious. And of course there is Battle Cat: A flashy green tiger with yellow stripes, a scarlet-colored armor & saddle.
  5. MotU Magic lasts! 35+ years later MotU is still going strong. The fans love it, people contribute to the franchise by creating art, texts etc. (that posting here is supposed to be one contribution of keeping the MotU spirit alive). I learned from that: Good things sometimes DO last.

These are 5 things I learned from Masters of the Universe. What are yours? Let me know!