I got new acrylic shelves for my vintage Masters of the Universe figurs. I like the way this translucent display allows to see the figures from different angles.

Click here to start video:

The video features the following vintage figures: Scareglow, Beast Man, Battle Armor Skeletor, Roboto, Trap Jaw, Jitsu, Tung Lashor, Stinkor, Mosquitor, Thunder Punch He-Man, Orko with coin trick, Blast Attack, Rio Blast, Saurod, Horde Trooper, Extendar, Mekaneck, Spikor, Faker, Zodac, Man-E-Faces, Two-Bad, Evil-Lyn, Ninjor, Multi-Bot, Tri-Klops, Kobra Khan, Leech, Mer Man, Whiplash, King Hiss, Man-at-Arms.

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