Don’t get me wrong. I like the DC heroes. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman. You name it. But JL was a disappointment to me. And I did not come unprepared.

I am a fan boy. Man of Steel was huge. I love this movie. It was dramatic. Greatly done.  And it had Superman.

Then came Batman v. Superman. The cinematic version sucked. I was disappointed.  High hopes for the Director’s Extended Cut though. Bought it. Redeemed the movie to some extent.

Then came Wonder Woman.  My 2017’s favourite and after Man of Steel the 2nd best hero movie if you ask me.

So what happened to Justice League? The started airing the trailer a year ago. It was not what I was expecting. Heroes a lot. But where would the story lead to? Would there be more to it than just the introduction of new characters?

Well I found out two weeks ago. And no, the story would not go anywhere deep. I mean it went from start (intro of the characters) to end (Steppenwolf, you semi-scary end boss) in no time. There came the credits.

More disappointing than having no story, no story-telling, no suspense was the fact that the movie tried so much –  introduction of the new characters like Aquaman, Cyborg etc. – that it lost sight of what made Wonder Woman and Superman so great: giving their character a dimension, a story to tell. In JL they quickly became just another two set of characters joining the force.

Even if there will be a Director’s Cut: THIS time I will not buy the Blu-Ray or the VOD. Not much interest in seeing it again. I hope for better days, DC Heroes.

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Picture courtesy of Warner Bros / DC Comics
Picture courtesy of Warner Bros / DC Comics