I think we agree: we all have our very own favourite vintage MotU playset: to some of you it is Castle Grayskull, to others Snake Mountain. Some favor The Fright Zone. To others, their very own holy grail is Eternia. But let’s be honest: each playset has good and bad features. So I always thought it would be great to have one custom made. That is how mine would look like.

I would take the drawbride/opening gate from Castle Grayskull. Great feature opening it up with He-Man’s sword when I was a kid. This would really trigger the start of my MotU playtime.

Next what I’d like to have is a suspension bride like that from Snake Mountain – only way bigger/broader than the Snake mountain one. I totally loved to have an intruder get into Snake Mountain and have Skeletor’s henchmen face the intruder on the drawbridge. Eventually the one losing the match would fall from the bride. 🙂

Next I would like to have kind of a dungeon-like prison installed. Like that from The Fright Zone. Loved how the opening mechanism would work and the way the prison gate was designed. I would make it bigger so several figures would fit in.

Once you would reach the top of my custom-made playset, an animal guardian like that of Eternia Playset’s Central Tower’s Guard Lion would await you. According to your character, it would either allow you to pass or bite your head off. 🙂

That’s it. Share with us how your favourite custom-made blog post would look like in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.



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