The Death of Skeletor (A Masters of the Universe Short Story)

“You cannot win.” “We’ll see about that.” He-Man grabbed the grip of his Power Sword even more decisively. Skeletor swung his havoc staff in the direction of his eternal adversary. The eternal opponents stood once more against each other.

“And there will be no return for you,” snarled Skeletor, with a demonic voice, and rushed towards He-Man. The heroic warrior parried the attack by dividing Skeletor’s staff into two halves. Skeletor looked incredulous. Then he snarled contemptuously: “I do not need any weapons to defeat you.” With these words, he leaped forward. Cleverly, He-Man dodged the attack. And then it happened: Skeletor lost grip. He staggered toward the abyss of the Everlasting Mountains. The place where he had secretly followed He-Man to ambush him.

“Take my hand,” shouted He-Man. The most powerful man in the universe stretched out his muscular arm in Skeletor’s direction. For a moment the staggering Skeletor stopped. He remained silent as if he were considering the helping offer. Contemptuously, it flashed in Skeletor’s eyes. Then the demonic master lost its hold and fell. He fell into the depths.

He-Man hurried to the abyss. Nothing. He was gone. Skeletor. Dead. The demon of the darkness had disappeared. Forever. Wordless, He-Man turned around and climbed into his Dragon Walker. The mechanical chain drive set in motion.

Skeletor came slowly to himself. Could it be? He was not dead? His back ached. Around him: darkness. His hands felt sand. He had fallen into a sand pit. This had cushioned the fall and had saved his life. Slowly he got up. He was still dazed by the fall.

This was also the reason why he had not heard the hissing behind him. Then it was too late. The monster bit instantly. In his neck. Skeletor cried out. Then he reached over his shoulder with his right hand and grabbed the unknown creature. It felt scaly and cold. With all his strength, Skeletor tore at the being. Loud cracking. The teeth of the being broke off and remained stuck in Skeletor’s wound. The animal howled.

Skeletor grabbed the monster with both hands and held it in an iron grip in front of his face. With his dark eyeballs, he stared at the beast. “There is a wild spirit in you,” he said. “Like I am.” Skeletor grinned. The dragon resisted in vain. There was a chain on the floor. Probably from an earlier and obviously unsuccessful attempt to curb the animal.

The Prince of the Darkness held the dragon by one hand. With the other he picked up the chain. There was also a rusty padlock. Cleverly, he laid the chain around his neck and locked it with the lock. Then he let go of the dragon, but held the chain end firmly in his hand. The dragon dragged and shouted and wanted to escape. Then he sprayed green mist. Poison, Skeletor thought. He deflected the deadly mist. “Do it again and I’ll cut off your air forever,” Skeletor thundered towards the monster. The dragon stared at him with his green eyes – but did not spray his poison again. “Well, you’re able to learn,” grinned Skeletor.

Shortly afterwards in Snake Mountain. No one had noticed Skeletor’s absence. Two-Bad had just repaired Night Stalker. The robot horse was battered by a fight. Stinkor serviced the broken trapdoor, which no longer wanted to close automatically. And Beast-Man tried to be master of the rat plague that Snake Mountain had harbored for several months. “Everything is becoming kind of shabby here,” muttered Two-Bad.

What did you say,” a voice growled behind the two-headed evil warrior. Frightened, Two-Bad turned around. There stood Skeletor. He looked terrifying: he bled from several wounds. His harness was shredded and hung down in one place. The cape was torn and exposed parts of the naked dead skull head. And on his back sat a dragon. Chained to Skeletor’s body. The dragon had clung to Skeletor’s back. Blood ran from the wounds. But that did not seem to bother the Master of Evil. He seemed to be furious with himself. And that covered physical pain.

“Assemble in our war room,” Skeletor barked. “He-Man! Revenge is mine!” Skeletor’s vassals instantly let their work rest. They followed Skeletor. Skeletor walked along the dark corridors. He turned his head over his shoulder and said to his dragon, “We will destroy them all. All. And they will not see it coming. Because they think I’m dead. But I return as Dragon Blaster Skeletor.” He laughed sheepishly. As for the confirmation, the dragon snorted on his back. Skeletor closed the door of his war room. Dark times were ahead of Eternia.

Note from the author
This is the (fantasy) work of a Masters of the Universe fan. Tributing the FILMATION animated series and the German EUROPA audioplays. Out of pure love for this fantastic concept called HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. 

The character of Dragon Blaster Skeletor has always fascinated me. The resolution of the mini comics, as Skeletor came to his dragon, I like that. However, as a child, I had always imagined something more fateful and mystical about how these two creatures had found each other. I wanted to present this idea in a separate story. In the future, I plan to write more of this sort of initiation stories.

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