FALL OF THE GOOD: A Masters of the Universe Short Story


“Help me,” said the voice feebly. Adam turned around. Then he saw the woman. She was old, barely able to keep upright. Only a stick, carved from an old branch, held her upright.

Adam had come to the market of Eternis to buy his favorite fruit. Drakata, the sweet fruit from Kandoria, was famous for its taste. Then he suddenly heard a lamentation from a dark alley. An old woman sat on the ground in the dust. Adam went to her.

“What can I do for you?” Adam asked in a friendly voice. The old woman began to tell. That she and her daughter had been lost in the forest. Suddenly her daughter had gone. In the jungle jungle she could not find them. With her last strength she had dragged herself into the capital of Eternia.

“I’ll help you,” Adam said with a determined voice. The old man’s face lit up at the same time. “Come with me, I’ll lead you to the place where we lost ourselves,” she said.

Adam went out of town with her. They walked through the woods of Evergreen Forest. They walked for a long time and the forest became more and more a dense jungle. Then the old woman pointed to a mountain top. “The mountain of Tanmut,” murmured Adam. This was the highest mountain of Eternia. Its peak lay in the clouds.

Adam and the old woman climbed the narrow spiral staircase, which led round the whole piece to the mountain. Around them came the thundering waters close to them. From the top of the mountain, the water fell downwards.

Arrived at the summit, Adam looked around. A strange place to come with his daughter, he thought. He looked for the plateau of the mountain. Were there animal prints on the damp ground? They looked like a panther’s  paw print…

… suddenly a piercing pain pierced Adam’s head. He sank to the ground. Something hit him hard on the head. Dazed, he turned his head and looked behind him. Above his head, two emerald green eyes flashed. A large, purple head came into his sight. He heard a dark, menacing roar. It was Panthor, Skeletor’s beast of prey. Panthor withdrew his powerful paw with which he had stretched Adam to the ground.

“Surprise,” a croaking female voice sounded. A pale, yellow face grinned at him. Evil-Lyn. Skeletor’s Demon Princess. Adam gasped heavily: “A trap.” “Indeed,” Evil-Lyn rejoiced. At that moment, she threw the dirty cape to the ground with which she and her charm had disguised old woman. “And you are very willingly tapped into it, naive prince. And your goodness will now be your doom. ”

With these words, Panthor pushed the dazed body of the prince piece by piece toward the abyss. Shortly before the edge, Evil-Lyn waved at him and said with a demonic voice: “And there was now one less in our way. Fall deep and rest in peace, little prince! “. With these words, Panthor pushed Adam over the edge of the hill.

Adam was now in free fall, gearing towards the bottom of the mountain. He heard the cruel laughter of Evil-Lyn in his ears. The thundering water shot him in the face and spun him in all directions. But that also aroused him from his dizziness. Only a few seconds and he would hit the ground. Adam would not survive that. But he would be able to become someone who could.

Adam now reached over his shoulder and got hold of the handle of his Power Sword. The force of the waterfall flipped him upside down. He almost dropped his sword. But he had it now firmly in his hand. He quickly pulled it out. “By the power of Grayskull!”. He shouted out full force. Water penetrated deep into his mouth. He gasped and coughed. With great effort he pressed the following words from his throat: “I have the Power!”.

Gleaming light now colored the waterfall into an unreal light. With brutal force, the power of Grayskull caused the water molecules to burst. For a fraction of a second the waterfall had now stopped. And He-Man could be seen clearly within it.

Milliseconds later, the strongest man of the universe struck to the ground at the foot of the waterfall. Stones and water were flying in all directions. Smallest drops of water obscured the view. Slowly the haze faded. And then there was He-Man. Upright. Standing in the water. Looking grimly.

After Panthor had pushed Adam over the cliff, Evil-Lyn had hitched on Panthor and had begun with the mighty beast the descent from the mountain. She smiled. She would bring to Skeletor the good news of the death of Prince Adam. ‘The Fall of the Good’. In the literal sense. She laughed. King Randor would be inconsolable about the death of his son. He would grieve. Withdraw from public life. Eternia would be vulnerable. And then Skeletor would strike. Use this weakness and seize the power.

“Kindness is not a weakness. It shows the true size of a man.” With these words, He-Man stopped Evil-Lyn at the foot of the mountain. She looked at him in surprise. “He-…” She would not be able to finish that sentence. Now He-Man had used the surprise moment for himself. With his mighty hands, he grabbed Panthor’s head with his bare hands and pushed the mighty animal firmly to the ground. Evil-Lyn was dropped and fell into the mud. He-Man drew his sword and held it close to Panthor’s eye. Quietly he said: “ONE movement.” The animal understood. It did not move an inch.

Adam went over to Evil-Lyn. “You? But … Adam? “She stammered. “Caught his fall” said He-Man with a serious expression. “But we’re not talking about him, but about you.” With these words, he grabbed Skeletor’s evil servant at her feet. She fell and then he dragged  here to a tree. He pulled a liana from that tree. He tied Lyn and put her on Panthor.

“Move, you ugly cat, move.” The animal obeyed. He-Man followed the two with a sword. After a long march, they arrived at Snake Mountain. The dawn had set in. The sky above the fortress of evil was bathed in an unreal blue mist. It smelled of putrefaction.

“Skeletor!” shouted He-Man. Silence. Movement in the castle. The Evil Lord of Destruction looked suspiciously out of a window of Snake Mountain. Standing safely behind a barred window. Kobra Khan, Two-Bad and Webstor stood next to him.

He-Man let the mud-lubricated and visibly frayed Evil-Lyn come into sight . At her sight, Skeletor took a deep breath. His red eyes glowed. He was furious. What a humiliation brought onto him by He-Man.

“Skeletor, I’ll bring back your vassal. She has failed. I thought she should tell you how everything went. I think you have a lot to discuss. ” With these words, he dropped the captured Evil-Lyn off Panthor. He-man then turned and walked slowly back towards the forest. Two-Bad and Webstor wanted to follow him. Skeletor made a gesture in their direction and said: “No! We are warriors, not cowards. We do not ambush our enemies.” With these words he turned his head slowly to Evil-Lyn. He looked at her silently. She lowered her head and looked to the ground. Now she could only hope for Skeletor’s kindness.




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