MOVING BEASTS OF THE UNIVERSE: Top 5 Animalistic Vehicle Designs in the Masters of the Universe Vintage Line

In a previous post, I looked at the great and inventive animalistic design figures in the MotU vintage line. In a second piece, I’d like to have a look at the awesome vehicles that were produced in that context. Here is my TOP 5 of them.

#5 Roaaaaaaaaaaar. The Dragon Walker (Dragon vehicle concept)

The Dragon Walker works mainly because of its ‘head’ part. The dragon head sculpt is really a great one, very detailed and ferocious-looking. I liked that a lot. As much as I liked the movement mechanism, I am not too crazy about the lower ‘torso’ part with those tiny dragon feet.

#4 And along came… Spydor (Spider vehicle concept)

The black-and-red color design on this is really awesome. The sculpting of the spider body and head is really creative. What I liked most is the movement mechanism which really adds to the overall concept. It is really amazing how that spider walks. See this video to get an idea in case you have forgotten how amazing that looked like:

#3 Pray, it’s coming! Mantisaur (Praying Mantis vehicle concept)

The flashy red-black-white mantisaur is really a great vehicle/creature design. I did not know how enormous Mantisaur actually it is until I got it. On photos it looks much less impressive. It is awesome how the creators brought elements of the praying mantis (the front arms that “grabs” your enemy, the very dimensional aggressive head sculpt and the insect-like legs) in combination with elements of a battle horse (the saddle, the stirrup).

#2 Heroic warrior, you’ve just been swallowed. Land Shark (Shark vehicle concept)

I love the Land Shark for its vibrant color design: pink-reddish body design and red rubber teeth. And also what an idea to cross-over a tank (the drive chains) and a shark! 🙂 My Land Shark works awesomly until today as the video shows:

#1 Carnivor of destruction. Bashasaurus (Dinosaur vehicle concept)

The integration of the dinosaur head in the front of the vehicle serves as some kind of armor. As a kid, I always loved to tilt that armor piece which also serves as an entry for the vehicles. You would then make your favourite heroic warrior sit and start the engine (the sound effect for that was in my imagination, of course). Then you would go after your enemies with that mighty club. Nerd as I am I recently recreated that in a video (see below). Bashasaurus is my favourite animalistic design vehicle because it is awesome to look at an at the same time it always had a high playtime value for me.


Honorable Mentions:
Hawk: Blasterhawk
Dinosaur/Bird of Prey: Laser Bolt
Crab: Monstroid
Dragon-Fly: Fright Fighter

What’s your favourite animalistic design vehicle?

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5 thoughts on “MOVING BEASTS OF THE UNIVERSE: Top 5 Animalistic Vehicle Designs in the Masters of the Universe Vintage Line

  1. Very cool! Somehow I knew Bashasuaurus would be your number one pick. As you know Battle Ram is my favorite vehicle, but my two favorite animalistic vehicles are probably Dragon Walker and Talon Fighter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I never had (or can’t remember, at least) the Bashasaurus or the Mantisaur, but I used to love the Land Shark, and always thought Spydor and the Dragon Walker were cool as toys. It’s a shame the Dragon Walker didn’t translate at all well to the cartoon!

    Liked by 1 person

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