THE FROZEN SWORD: A Masters of the Universe Short Story

Prince Adam and his Tiger Cringer had flown with the Wind Raider into the woods of Eternia. There they wanted to look for a rare bird species, which they had read in the Royal Library of Eternia.

The prince and his tiger had just sat down on a large stone to search the treetops for birds. Suddenly they heard a sound. A quiet crash. Something had fallen right in front of her feet. That looked like a small piece of ice. Just then, another of them flew at Adam’s feet. And another one. And then the sky turned dark red.

“A hail storm”, Adam said to Cringer. “Quick, we must find shelter.” Adam and Cringer found a small cave in which they found shelter. Adam did not notice that his Sword of Power had slipped out of his sword sheath. Now it lay on the ground just a few feet away from the cave’s entrance. Adam noticed this now and wanted to get it. But at that moment, thousands of pieces of ice burst from the sky. They struck to the ground with great force. It was no longer possible to go out.

“I’ve never seen a hailstorm like this before on Eternia,” Adam muttered. Something was strange about it. Only Adam did not know what it was at that moment. On the ground now the pieces of ice were piled. They joined together to form a thick blanket. After a short time the grass and the plants could not be seen any more. And the Sword of Power was now under a thick blanket of ice.

Then the storm stopped as suddenly as it had come. Adam and Cringer came out of their shelter. The sun shone again in the sky. Nothing reminded of the violent storm any longer. Adam went to the place where his sword lay. With his hands he tried to break the ice. But he could not get it. The ground was frozen like concrete. From the Wind Raider he took a shovel and tried to break the ice with it. But it was impossible. The ground was hard as steel. Then suddenly the sky darkened over him.

But this time it was not a storm. Rather, it was an aircraft that obscured the sun. It had the form of a helicopter and at the same time the shape of a gigantic dragonfly. “That’s the Fright Fighter,” Adam murmured. And indeed it was the flying fighter helicopter of the evil masters of Eternia. As the fighter approached, Adam saw the pilot: It was Skeletor. Master of Evil. Eternal adversary. Next to him sat Whiplash and Ninjor.

The Fright Fighter landed on the ground. Adam had no way of getting the sword now. And even if he had been able to get the sword, how could he transform himself into the He-Man, the strongest man in the universe, without knowing that Skeletor and his minions would know the secret of his double identity?

Skeletor, Whiplash and Ninjor got out of the Fright Fighter. Skeletor grabbed his ramrod. Whiplash grunted loudly as he forced himself out of the Fighters’ seats. Ninjor immediately drew his great sword. This flashed in the sun. “Well, now, who are we,” said Skeletor, coming slowly to Adam. “The Prince of Eternia and his little cuddly cat.” He laughed throatily. “So all alone out here, dear prince?” Skeletor looked at him grinning. Adam did not answer and looked into the skeletal face with an unmoved expression.

“What a surprise,” continued Skeletor. “As we flew this morning to test our Weather Transformator, I did not realize I would make such a valuable catch today. The PRINCE of Eternia himself! ”

‘Weather Transformator’. Now Adam was clear who had caused the hail storm. Skeletor once again had built a deadly machine.

“Tie them up”, commanded the Master of Evil. Whiplash grunted and put on Adam’s and Cringer’s handcuffs made from Timaranium, the hardest metal to be found on Eternia. “And take them to Snake Mountain in the dungeon,” Skeletor continued.

A short time later Adam and Cringer found themselves in the dungeon of Snake Mountain. Around them was darkness. They were the only prisoners. Through the small window of their cell, they saw the stone serpent head of the Snake Mountain high up on the summit. Through this a river crashed into the depths. The breaking light colored the water red so that it looked like blood to the viewer. A frightening environment for all things that were good.

Adam thought about how he could escape. None of his friends knew that Cringer and he had flown into the forest. Even Man-At-Arms was not informed. And now he could not transform into He-Man. They had to help themselves. Fast. Before Skeletor did something cruel with them.

In front of the cell door, Adam saw a piece of rope. He managed to reach it with his hands. He put it around Cringer’s tiger body. The other end he attached to the grating of his cell window. “Pull, old cat,” exclaimed Adam. “I know you do not have the power of Battle Cat, but you’re still a strong, big cat.” Cringer took a step forward and collected all his strength. And indeed. The grid, rusty from the humidity, moved. Adam came to help Cringer now and pulled strong on the rope. With a jerk the grate window broke loose and fell to the ground.

Adam and Cringer now squeezed through the window. On the other side, they saw that there was a huge lake. It surrounded Snake Mountain. They had no choice. This was the only way out. Cringer and Adam jumped. Luckily they were able to swim well.

The end of the lake led directly into a river. They swam there and drifted downstream from the current. Clinging to a tree trunk, they drifted in the water. For a long time. Then they heard a loud noise. Adam and Cringer looked back at Snake Mountain. Smoke rose above the fortress. Skeletor and his minions had noticed their escape. Adam was now clear: he had to act quickly.

Adam and Cringer went ashore at the next river bend. “We’re not far from our Wind Raider, old friend,” Adam said to his tiger. “Get on my back,” Cringer muttered. And Adam did. Cringer ran off. He did not have the power of Battle Cat, but he was fast and agile anyway. They rode through the jungle at high speed. Past lianas, snakes and waterfalls. Cringer jumped with Adam on his back across pits, tree trunks and stones. Then they reached the clearing where Skeletor had placed them. The Wind Raider was still standing there. And the clearing was still covered in ice.

Adam had to hurry and find a solution quickly. He needed to free his sword from the ice. Skeletor and his minions would be here soon. And a new escape would surely not be so easy. Adam looked around. Then an idea came to him. “What are we doing, Adam?” Cringer muttered. The prince smiled:”At this point, only raw force can help!”. Cringer did not understand. Adam was not the strong He-Man. Adam went to the Wind Raider and took out an ax. He started cutting a tree. He struck the tree for so long until it began to incline. Then he suddenly stopped. He did the same with two more trees.

Then Cringer noticed that all the trees were leaning towards the place where the sword lay on the floor. “The trees need to fall at the same time,” Adam shouted. Cringer understood Adam’s plan. “On my command,” yelled Adam. At the same time he kicked a tree so that it began to fall. Cringer quickly pushed the second and third tree with his head in the right direction. With a loud crash, all three trees fell at the same time.

By the powerful force of the simultaneous impact, the ice broke into a thousand pieces. By the immense force, the Sword of Power was blown out of the ice and flew into the air in a high arc. Now Adam was on the spot. He stood under the sword and caught it with a secure grip. Upon contact with his hand, the magical sword flashed for a brief moment. Adam looked at Cringer and smiled. Then, with a rising voice, he called those words which he had so often said before when imminent danger was ahead: “BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL.” He paused a moment and then continued with a much deeper, even more forceful voice. “I HAVE THE POWER!”

Cringer and Adam were plunged into a glaring light. Around them, the air seemed to turn and rise like a tornado’s wake. The two were now no longer visible. Then the bright glow slowly faded and the outline of Adam and Cringer now slowly reappeared. But it was no longer the prince and the cat who were standing there. There in the middle of the clearing were now transformed: He-Man and Battle Cat.

He-Man put the Sword of Power back into his sheath and turned towards Battle Cat. Just at this moment came the Fright Fighter. Surprised, the Evil Lord of Destruction watched down from the cockpit to the ground. Skeletor had expected Adam. Now there was He-Man. Skeletor hesitated a little. Was he afraid of a confrontation? He thought for a moment, then landed the Fright Fighter.

Skeletor, Whiplash and Ninjor got out. In addition, they had brought back reinforcements: also the terrifying Spikor and the master of the evil smell, Stinkor, were on board. Skeletor grinned, showing his ugly teeth: “Ha! Searched for Adam and found He-Man! This is a good day for me.” Without further words, he grabbed his sword and rushed towards He-Man. He-Man repelled the sword. He struck Skeletor’s sword from his hand without much trouble. Briefly, the lord of evil looked irritated. Then he stepped aside and shouted, “Whiplash, Ninjor: Attack him!” The huge reptile man rushed to He-Man and Ninjor also pulled his long sword. In an instant, Battle Cat took off and stormed toward the minions. He rammed the two demons at the same time with his huge armored head. They fell to the ground and remained unconscious.

He-Man did not wait for the attack of the remaining minions. He wanted to put an end all this. He had been out here for too long. With his sword, he cut a large piece from the iced ground. He took the gigantic plate and raised it as if it were a mere leaf. Then he threw it into the direction of the henchmen of Skeletor. They were able to avoid it. But the Fright Fighter behind them was shattered into a thousand pieces.

“This will be a long way home for you,” grinned He-Man. With these words he directed his sword in the direction of Skeletor and his helpers. They instantly retreated and disappeared into the forest. Evil had lost this battle today. Skeletor turned around once more, clenched his fist and shouted, “I’ll see you soon, He-Man.” He-Man stowed his sword, turned and walked over to Battle Cat. In a lowered voice, he said to himself: “I know, Skeletor, I know. And I’ll be waiting.” Then he got onto the back of his mighty warrior cat. Dawn was setting. It was time to go home.

This story was originally published by me in its German language version. Read it here: DAS GEFRORENE SCHWERT: Eine Masters of the Universe Kurzgeschichte
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This is the (fantasy) work of a Masters of the Universe fan. Tributing the FILMATION animated series and the German EUROPA audioplays. Out of pure love for this fantastic concept called HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Find out more about my MotU-related work in this blog section.


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  1. ” (…) Skeletor, Whiplash and Ninjor got out. In addition, they had brought back reinforcements: also the terrifying Spikor and the master of the evil smell, Stinkor, were on board. Skeletor grinned, showing his ugly teeth: “Ha! Searched for Adam and found He-Man! This is a good day for me.” Without further words, he grabbed his sword and rushed towards He-Man. (…)” The full short story:


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