BEASTS OF THE UNIVERSE: Top 5 Animalistic Designs in the Masters of the Universe Vintage Line

I love the MotU vintage for many reasons: For its vibrant color design or the crafty action features. Another reason for the love is the inventive character design. Especially the animalistic figures are a true blast. Here is my TOP 5 of them.

#5: The Insect: Buzz Off

bee_buzzogg-kopieThe bee character is all cool color design: yellow-and-brown torso, yellow hat, yellow wings. Furthermore, Buzz Off‘s head sculpt is that of a magnified bee with enlarged insect eyes. I think the designers really did a good job in creating a heroic character that does not come across as a joke figure. That could have very well happened.

#4: The Crab: Clawful

crab_clawful-kopieAgain there is the color: all-deep red are the head, the harness and the mighty claw. Clawful is well-made and his action-feature claw is one of a kind. I had a lot of fun playing with it as a kid.

#3: The Spider: Webstor

spider_webstor-kopieI always wondered why a spider character would be blue and orange. As a kid I always thought Webstor should be black and white. Well today I know that would have ruined the figure’s design. Webstor is just right the way he is. What never worked to good for me was that climbing hook.It broke quickly and then this was kind of a letdown as you could not use the figure properly any more.

#2: The Mosquito: Mosquitor

mosquito_mosquitor-kopieMosquito came later in the line. But hey, what a creative idea: a visible blood-sucking mechanism (see video) integrated in the chest, a phaser gun and one futuristic head design. I could have imagined much more characters in the vintage line. Loved to see him paired up with the Horde.

#1: The Snakes: The Snake Men (Altogether)

snake_snakemen-kopieRattlor, Kobra Khan, Snake Face, Squeeeze, Tung Lashor and King Hiss have just awesome imaginative action feature design: extendsion, transformation, pop-out eyes etc. And then the great sculpts: Those menacing snake designs, the love to detail and the vibrant color designs. This what made the Snake Men altogether come in first place.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Elephant: Snout Spout
  • Skunk:  Stinkor
  • Lion: Beast Man
  • Bat:  Hordak
  • Fish: Mer Man
  • [edit 21.01.2017] Lamper Eel: Leech (Thanks to my friend Øyvind Johannes Meisfjord for pointing me at this once the post was published)
  • [edit 11.02.2017] Porcupine: Spikor (Thx for the hint at that, Keith Hosgood)

What’s your favourite animalistic design figure? In my next post, I will look at the animalistic vehicle designs in the in vintage series.

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