In the first MASTERS MATCH (read all about this new concept at the end of the post), Tri-Klops beat Man-E-Faces. In this 2nd playroom tournament, martial arts fighter JITSU opposes iron-fist FISTO. Who will dominate?

Weight Classes

Both figures share the same character trait: They can both be considered martial arts fighters (the karate punch with the right hand).



Fisto’s  fist is some cool action feature if you ask me. As a kid, I would love to have him smash evil warriors. Also, loved to unplug that fist and have it throw him at other figures. I always imagined that fist to be cyborg of some kind. So real super powers going on there.  4 out of 5 points (4/5).

Jitsu’s evil hand is also awesome. Slightly enlarged and shining golden, it tells a story of one super weapon. His karate hand sure will destroy. However, in the MotU world, I deem a brute fist blow much more devastating than the edge of a hand. 3 out of 5 points (3/5).


Weapon Arsenal

I considered Fisto’s sword always to be a bit too long and therefore clumsy (3/5),whereas I rate Jitsu’s curved sword more agile in combat (4/5).

PPE: Personal Playroom Expertise

I had Fisto early as a figure. That gives him an advantage. Great play experience there (however, I had the Spanish/Italian version of him and that plastic was poor quality-wise. The fist would break in two pieces all the time. Luckily, glue could save the day ;-). 4/5

Jitsu was added later to my collection. I did not play with that character as often as with Fisto. However at that time, all things martial arts very hip, so I liked his character depiction. 3/5


That was a close one: Fisto 11 points, Jitsu 10 points. Congratulations, Fisto, mighty heroic warrior! 🙂

Now find out who won the 1st Masters Match: Tri Klops or Man-E-Faces?


Watch Fisto being defeated by Kobra Khan in this video on my YouTube Channel. 

WHY? The idea of this blog category
Masters Fans remember: back in the childhood days, endless matches were fought. The battleground: the playroom. The opponents: one heroic warrior, one evil warrior. The scenario: a battle for life & death.
Let’s take this principle to 2016 and see — from a very objective point-of-view — which vintage Masters of the Universe figure would win these life-and-death matches today! 😉
WHO FIGHTS WHOM? The ‘Weight Classes’
Both characters must be in the same ‘weight class’. That means there must be an obvious reason why these figures would pick a fit. That would be: ‘obvious reasons’ (e.g. He-Man vs. Skeletor), alikeness  in character traits, powers etc. (e.g. Fisto vs. Jitsu, Roboto vs. Horde Trooper ), same production year (e.g. Man-E-Faces vs. Tri-Klops).
AND THE WINNER IS…: The Rating Categories
Superpowers (max. 5 points): Any superpowers involved that may provide an advantage?
Weapon Arsenal (max. 5 points): Which figure’s weapon is superior?
PPE: Personal Playroom Expertise (max. 5 points): Who would win ‘back in the day’ in the playroom?

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