English version of a German original by me.

It was a deep night in the kingdom. The Yellow, Red, and Blue Knight slept deeply. The red knight was just dreaming of his new armor. Dust trickled on the faces of the sleeping warriors. They woke up. “What was that?” the blue knight muttered sleepily. At that moment, they heard another crashing sound again. Then the room’s roof was gone.

What happened? The knights fled into the open. At that moment, a huge something crashed into building. It collapsed. “What is this?”, asked the Red Knight as he took his sword out of the weapon chamber. “These are huge boulders!” said the Blue Knight. “They look like they’re torn from a huge mountain. Look, there’s grass and moss,” shouted the yellow knight. “But who can do such powerful things” His voice suddenly broke off.

“Trolls!” Shouted the knights in chorus. And indeed. They looked over the castle walls, and what they saw confirmed their fears. They were gathered in the square in front of the castle walls: the amber trolls. The most feared species of the troll species. Directly coming from the black moors. They know no fear. They possess brute force. With this, they could effortlessly tear stones out of rocks. They were feared in the whole kingdom. And now they were here. Their yellowish fur shone brightly in the moonlight and their red eyes gleamed menacingly.

“Look,” yelled the Yellow Knight. “The trolls load their huge catapults with these stones!”. Right in this moment, the next stone crashed into the castle. The Knights staggered. Then came another stone. With a loud crash, the castle’s main tower collapsed. Then another stone hit the castle walls. Stones fell out of it. “The trolls want to conquer our red castle,” shouted the red knight. “If they keep attacking us like this, there will not be much more to conquer,” said the Yellow Knight grimly. “We must do something quickly before our home is in ruins,” said the Blue Knight.

But what should they do? Three individual knights could do nothing against such an oversight. They continued to think as the stones around them fell into the walls. Then the red knight smiles. “I have an idea,” he said. “What?” The yellow and blue knight wanted to know. But the red knight did not answer. Instead, he grabbed a huge hunting horn and ran up the stairs of the shattered tower. Only the steps had remained of it. At the end of the stairs, there was a deep abyss now. At the end of the last stage, the knight pulled out the horn and blew in vigorously. A deafening sound echoed through the air. The horn was so loud that the trolls let off their attack and paused immediately. Then there was silence.

After a few seconds, a silent whirring was heard in the sky above the castle. Then a wind movement. And again the whirring. The trolls looked up in the air. They were confused. What was that? Or better: Who was that? Again, they heard sounds in the air. And then a dull pounding. And another one. It sounded like two mighty legs that landed on the ground.

There, in front of the castle wall, was not that a shadow? Yes, a huge even, almost as big as the wall itself. But it was too dark. Neither the knights nor the trolls could see anything. Suddenly, a huge fire beam passed through the air, followed by a frightening hiss. The fire illuminated the night, revealing the mystery: before the castle wall stood the Black Dragon.

“He has come,” rejoiced the Red Knight. “He has followed our call, and he will help us, because we once helped him save his dragon child.” Indeed, the Black Dragon had followed the call of the knights. Now he fought on the side of the knights.

The trolls, however, were only briefly confused. They immediately loaded their catapults with heavy boulders and aimed at the dragon. The boulders hit the dragon and immediately bounced off. The mighty dragon skin was too thick. The trolls grunted angrily and quickly arranged for another attack. They wanted to shoot all the boulders simultaneously at the dragon. They hoped to push over the dragon. Then, they thought, they could defeat the dragon with their weapons.

And so the trolls loaded their catapults with stones. At the command of the troll chief, hundreds of boulders flew at once to the dragon. But the latter did not let himself be distracted by the attack. He even faced the oncoming attack and spread his mighty wings. Each of these was as big as the sails of a pirate ship. Shortly before the boulders slammed, the dragon folded both wings quickly forward. As a result, the dragon, like in a ball game, bounced the boulders back with a powerful blow. Then the stones flew back toward the trolls.

The flying stones hit the troll’s catapults with a powerful crash. They destroyed them instantly. It splintered wood in all directions. The trolls ducked away or threw themselves on the ground. Now all the catapults were destroyed and the trolls had only their hand weapons.

But now followed step two of the dragon attack. With powerful thundering steps, the dragon ran toward the trolls. He took a deep breath and spouted a huge stream of fire from his mouth. This landed right in front of the trolls’ feet. This was a warning. The second burst would hit the trolls. They understood this and, as a sign of their surrender, threw their weapons to the ground. They turned around hastily to the night. Retreat. Back to the black moor. In a few seconds, all the trolls had disappeared as if they had never existed. And there was silence.

“Thank you for your help, Black Dragon,” the knights of the castle shouted at the mighty giant. The dragon turned to them, nodding with his huge head. Then he turned around, spread his wings and took off. He flew toward the moon with huge wings. Then he was gone. Silently, the three knights stood mute at the rock wall, watched in the skies and were glad that they had such a powerful friend.

15.12.2016. I wrote this story for my two kids as a bedtime story. Maybe some other small knights-and-dragons fans find interest in these tales. 🙂