PLASTIC PROTECTION: The Shields of the Masters of the Universe Vintage Toy Line

As a kid, I loved vintage Motu for the integration of many themes (science fiction, medieval, sorcery etc.).  I loved the knights theme the toy line would pick up. To me, the shields of the line symbolized the knights theme I loved so much. In this blog post, I take a closer look at which shields exists and how I rate them.


It all started with He-Man. His armor, his sword and his shield made him some kind of knight to me. I especially love the design of the shield with the iron cross picked up in the design and the bulky form of it. I bet many of us used the shield in the gameplay. Rating: 5/5 pointscymera_20161129_114739

OPEN UP TO COVER UP: Extendar’s shield

I liked the concept of the Extendar shield because it is futuristic. It extends to a much larger shield by opening and folding various panels. It is supposed to open up quite a bite (in reality, some of the panels would bend back so the shield looked kind of crooked at times). Design and quality wise, the shield could have been much better.  Rating: 3/5 points


RE-USE: Stinkor’s shield

Stinkor’s shield originates from the Castle Grayskull weapons rack shield (which was unpainted). I like the simplicity of it (just a shield with a handle) and color design made that shield work. Quality-wise I am not convinced: the shield handle would snap all to easy in battle (the one you see in the picture is a duplicate I bought recently, the original from my childhood days is long gone). Rating: 3/5 points


YELLOW PROTECTOR: Sy-Klone’s shield

I LOVE Sy-Klone’s color design (see my blog post about that). That shield is in perfect harmony with the overall figure concept. I like its simplicity: no exagerrated design, simple but effective color design. I would mount Sy-Klone’s shield loosely to his arms so it would come off easily once he started rotating — knocking out the the evil warriors. 😉


SHINY & FRAGILE? Thunder Punch & Flying Fists He-man shields

I DO like the He-Man variations. As He-Man was one of my favourite characters back in the day, I liked him being ‘re-imagined’. However they figure design worked much better for me than the accessories they came with. TP’s shields is too much shiny plastic to me (consequently, with mine the paint came of quickly and later on snapped), FF’s shield felt like it was belonging or originating from another toyline. Rating: 2,5/5



I deem the shield to small, as Snake Face is rather bulky. I wonder what this is supposed to cover. However, I liked the design of the edges. Other than that, the figure would not have needed a shield. 2,5/5



The evil twins’ shield is crafted nicely. It is small but it is a new design and no re-use of any kind. That spikes pick up the overall concept of the figure. As well as the color design.As a kid I always wondered why Two bad wouldn’t come with two shields as well. I guess they would argue all the time who would use the protection in battle.   Rating: 3,5/5



Teela’s rather plain round shield goes along well with her staff and her armor. I never used Teela in battle so I am rather low on emotion on the overall figure. It’s an ok shield. Rating: 3/5


The shield (and the staff) never made sense to me as a kid. If the snake skin on the figure was just there to camouflage Hiss’ “true” snake nature, why would he blow his cover by carrying weapons like the staff and the shield? He would consequently signal his opponent that he is out for a fight. Back than in the days, this was the reason why I would rather not use the shield nor the staff. Other than that, it’s an o.k. shield. Liked the snake symbol on it. Rating 3/5


Did I miss a shield? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next blog post.

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7 thoughts on “PLASTIC PROTECTION: The Shields of the Masters of the Universe Vintage Toy Line

    • I don’t own a FF Shield either (this is why there is no pic of it) but I have seen one over here in Germany. It does look futuristic but like the painting of the figure’s armor (I own that one) it is rather disappointing in terms of quality. He-Man’s Shield rules! 🙂


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