MASTERS MATCH #1: Man-E-Faces vs. Tri-Klops. Who will win?

WHY? The concept of the MASTERS MATCH blog category

Masters Fans remember: back in the childhood days, endless matches were fought. The battleground: the playroom. The opponents: one heroic warrior, one evil warrior. The scenario: a battle for life & death. 🙂

Let’s take this principle to 2016 and see – from a very objective point-of-view – which vintage Masters of the Universe figure would win these life-and-death matches today! 😉

WHO FIGHTS WHOM? The ‘Weight Classes’
Both characters must be in the same ‘weight class’. That means there must be an obvious reason why these figures would pick a fit in the first place. That would be: ‘obvious reasons‘ (e.g. He-Man vs. Skeletor), alikeness  in character design, powers etc. (e.g. Fisto vs. Jitsu, Roboto vs. Horde Trooper ), same production year (e.g. Man-E-Faces vs. Tri-Klops) etc.

AND THE WINNER IS…: The Rating Categories
Superpowers (max. 5 points): Any superpowers involved that may provide an advantage
Weapon Arsenal (max. 5 points): Which figure’s weapon is superior?
PPE: Personal Playroom Expertise (max. 5 points): Who would win ‘back in the day’ in the playroom?

Let’s kick of this category with a true heavyweight fight:
Man-E-Faces vs. Tri-Klops


Good vs. Not-so-Good

Weight Classes

Both Man-E-Faces and Tri-Klops came out about 1983 and I pretty much bought them at the same time.


Man-E-Faces has this his face-changing feature which I always deemed pretty cool. But in real life I would not really see how that different ‘faces’ would provide him with more power (I know the comics explained that and would attribute him being in beast or robot mode with more power – but I am looking at the figure alone without any background story to it). So I would not really give him extra strength points. His hoses and wiring seen on the figure’s front make him some kind of cyborg (check out my blog post about that) so that would give him some extra superpower credit.  3 out of 5 points (3/5)

Tri-Klops ‘magic eyes’ see through material and his laser beam eye is quite a weapon. In combination with being able to switch those modes quickly and efficiently, that’ s just one advantage (imagine seeing an opponent behing a concrete wall first and then being able to laser-shoot immediately is quite a force)! 4/5 points

Weapon Arsenal

Tri-Klops’ long sword is quite impressing (3/5 points), but due to pure fire power, I would rate Man-E-Faces huge laser weapon higher (4/5 points).

PPE: Personal Playroom Expertise

I LOVED both figures very much as a kid – in their fanciness, they would give the MotU universe a nice touch and be a contrast to rather ‘simple’ (but great) figures such as He-Man. I loved changing Man-E-Faces faces all-the-time and could make up some great storyline with that – but I would not really pick him to be my fighter when evil warriors were approaching. 3/5 points

Quite the contrary with Tri-Klops: I loved his X-Ray features and incorporated in my gameplay whenever I could. He would always be within my evil warrior crowd when a fight is on! 5/5


The final overall score:  Man-E-Faces 10 points, Tri-Klops 12 points. Congrats, Klops! You won this fight!


Congrats, Klops! You won. This time.


I hope you like this new blog  category. Also, I would be interested who would have won the match if it were up to you?

Let me know in the comment section below or on my facebook site.

Watch my Masters Match Man-E-Faces vs Tri-Klops video on YouTube:

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