CRAZY COLORS: Top 5 coolest color designs in the vintage MotU vintage line

If you have been reading my posts, you know I love MotU vintage figures for many reasons. Here is one of them: the extravagant-daring-out-of-this-world color design. Here are my top 5 figures.

Orange is the new evil: STINKOR

cymera_20160903_1356110101He does stink, but he well knows how to do that in style!;-) Stinkor’s shiny black painture matches great with that vivid white skunk stripes the Mattel creators gave him. His shiny-yellow eyes contrast as well nicely. What I love about this figure is that they decided to paint his (or rather Mekaneck’s) body armour all orange. That just gives him the craziest contrast – and goes very well with his orange boots! 🙂

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Mechanical but shining vividly: FAKER


Withou this blueish body paint and his orange armor and sword, Faker would just be a boring mechanical evil twin brother to He-Man. But thanks to great color design, Faker was always a charater of his own  to me. They could have painted him grey or silver to give him a robot look. That would have been easier to create the idea of a robot character. But they rooted for crazy colors – and that’s what I like.

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A tornado all yellow-and-blue: SY-KLONE

dsc03846This tornado guy makes one hell of an appearance with his blue-and-yellow design. His light-blueish face and the yellow helmet with that red planetary halo ring are just ingenious. Again this character could have been conceptualized much more conventional (grey like clouds or something), but designers at that time might have said: ‘Hey a tornado is scary, but might as well be colorful’.

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Orange is not ordinary: BEASTMAN

cymera_20160903_14010201The master of animals, the dominator of animality, lord of thousands beasts is…. orange! And at the same time authoritative and fearsome. Or did you ever think as Beastman of a clown (he has a white-painted face with blue cheeks!) as a kid? Probably not. The color design with this figure is so well-balanced and well-thought that you would never ever even question a figure’s affiliation to the heroic or evil warriors. I like that a lot.

Green mean fighting machine: BATTLE CAT

cymera_20160903_140217A flashy green tiger with yellow stripes, a scarlet-colored armor & saddle, controlled by the most powerful man in the universe. Battle Cat just gives a perfect color tune-up when He-Man and Battle Car showed up together (which they did 9 of 10 times when I played with the figures as a kid). Of course the extravagant color design was triggered by the fact that a re-use of the Big Jim tiger had to be different and have a look of  its own . Maybe that urge to differentiate and the impossibility to change the figure’s articulateness substantially lead to that bold and vibrant  color design. Cat, you come in first place – congratulations!

What’s your favourite vintage figure when it comes to color design?

Thank you for reading, liking & commenting!

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