MUSCLES & MORE: Most powerful figures in the vintage line

These are the most powerful (looking) figures in the vintage line. Period. 😉

#8: Sy-Klone

A tornado-kind of character, he surely blasts away everything.


#7: Trap Jaw

As a kid, that interchangeable weapons and that metal jaw truely made him a ferocious but at the same time powerful figure.


#6: Buzz Saw Hordak

A buzz saw shooting at you out of nowhere? Reason enough for Hordak to be in that list.


#5: Rio Blast

How much more gun power can a figure deliver? Rio Blast has weapons everywhere. Very powerful to me.


#4: Grizzlor

Brute force.


#3: Ram Man

Brute force once again.Unbenannt.JPG

#2: Skeletor

The ‘standard’ Skeletor always looked less powerful to me than his Battle armor, Dragon Blaster or LaserLight variants. But Skeletor always loses to He-Man. So he is not #1.


#1: He-Man

Nomen est omen and #1 in the tower of power: He-Man is the most powerful man in the Universe. There is nothing more to say about that. 😉


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