You need to fit a well-conserved vintage He-Man figure head to another body?
The head came off  “in battle” in your childhood days and you need to put it back on now? Here is how this can be done*.


Take the head off by twist-and-turning  it slowly with two fingers (the way you would  unscrew a bottle). Hint: Use gentle force but make sure you do not tilt too agressively because you might damage the head or the plastic neck part.

replace_motu_head_04.JPGOnce the head is off, you will notice a small plastic plug that was stuck to the head (and came off while removing the head; see an extra blue one for demo in the picture). This plug would keep the head in place. With some figures, the plug stays where it is or comes off. I’ve seen it all. 🙂  For most figures, though, the head will still twist fine even without the plastic plug. Note that the plastic plug cannot be put remounted easily once it is pulled (as you would have to open the torso, put the plug in between body halves and close the figure again).

replace_motu_head_07.JPGTake the rubber head and now take your “headless” figure you want to mount it on. Take a screwdriver (or something like this; watch out not to slip and hurt yourself) and gently push the head’s rubber socket into the neck part by slowly twisting the head. The rubber part should slide into the neck. This can be hard for some figures, as the rubber is firm with some figures you need to twist the head back on that rubber plug. Twist, turn and be persistent. 🙂

replace_motu_head_08.JPGTurn the head in the socket for a couple of times and the head should be in the right position.


Et voilà, it’s done.

*Please note: This is advice based on personal experience.  This method worked for me. However, please understand that I do not take any responsibilities or liabilities for any damages or injuries arising from using the method described above.

Thank you for reading!

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