I most admit that I am DC guy. Superman and Batman do a better job for me. On and off the screen. Well at least until DC’s “Batman vs. Superman” came out, but that is another story. I DO watch all of the Marvel stuff on the big screen as I am a movie geek. I liked the last installments of Captain America and the X-Men. So I gave Marvel’s new Netflix-only series a try. And I am pleasantly surprised.

It is really awesome what degree of quality TV series have. The storytelling is something I like a lot about Luke Cage: It’s creative, there are moments of surprise and each episode connects seamlessly to the next. Also, the main actors are really fine. Luke Cage actor Mike Colter and Cornell ‘Cottonmouths’ Stroke’s Mahershala Ali are fine actors who work very well as antagonists. Again: You don’t see a difference to a big-budget movie.

There are good action scenes, but they are limited. This is one thing you notice especially when you compare Marvel movies to the Marvel series. In the franchise’s movies, there is a huge emphasis on the action scenes. Probably due to funding, the series cannot deliver that.

As good as the story and the plot are, it could have been densed at some points. Dialogues in some episodes seemed too long and could have been short (without losing to much of the storyline). But the series format  is probably curse and blessing at this point: you do have more time at hand which gives you the ability to tell a more complex story. At the same time, you have to ‘fill’ time.

Luke Cage is really a MARVELous series. If you are a fan of superhero movies, this one is not to be missed.

My Rating:7.5/10 (as of the first season’s episodes 1-5)


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