FOREVER YOUNG/OLD: The concept of age in MotU figures

AGE. Who wants to talk (or rather read) about that? Whether you are young or ‘old’ (which is a perspective thing), it’s  a topic you might run into issues with. Rather interesting to me as as a kid and today is and was always the fact how old the MotU figures were. I am talking about the way the figures were designed, not the way the cartoon, books etc. characterized the figures.

I’d like to come up with some categories and put some of the characters in that category age-wise.

Childhood & Teenage Years


If I’m thinking age, Orko is the youngest of all vintage figures to me. Orko is the comic-relief characters. Basically his big innocent eyes and his miniscule size point in that direction that he is a kid. The coin trick that came with the figure adds to that argument.:-)

20s to 30s

CYMERA_20160903_140413Prince Adam looks rather youngish-20-something to me. Probably it’s the clothes (all that pink, purple and velvet) that make him look and younger and that the title”prince” point to a rather younger characters.

Interestingly enough, He-Man, being the same figure sculpt as Prince Adam, looks more in the 30s to me. To me, this is due to the weapons and armor design he is wearing and that that fierce/determined face design is more that of a rather experienced man.

Other 20-something figures: Rokkon (his face scult looks so much younger than Stonedar who I would estimate in his 40s) and Teela (she looks young!)


DSC03885.JPGMan-at-Arms does not wear a mustache in the toy line which makes him way younger. Something beginning of 40s. He looks older than He-Man but not that old. At the same time he is an experienced engineer so he must have spent quite some timing studying and implementing concepts.

cymera_20160910_134135In direct comparison to He-Man, the Skeletor figure  always looked older to me. As a kid I came to that conclusion for two reasons. One would be that he simply looks older with his skull face, his rather ‘vintage style’ ram staff and that hood. The second reason that made Skeletor older to me that he was the ‘boss’ of all these evil warriors. To me, the ‘boss concept’ would go along with age and experience (He-Man was more of a ‘free lance’ boss of all those heroic warriors, so that made him look less old 🙂 )

Other 40-something characters: Zodac (the helmet makes him look older), Stratos (the beard and the big glasses!), Evil-Lyn (Skeletor’ stand in, how much younger can she be), Fisto (again, the beard!), Saurod (that helmet makes him look like a veteran soldier), Trap-Jaw (veteran soldier, once again)


vlcsnap-2015-02-14-00h26m08s85g.jpgI don’t know why, but from all the evil leaders, Hordak always looked oldest to me as a kid. That was probably because all his Horde henchmen looked rather old and experience themselves (take a look at Grizzlor, Dragstor etc.). And the boss must be older. So if Skeletor is in his ‘eternal’ 40s, Hordak would be beginning 50s to me.

Other 50-something characters: King Randor (He is Prince Adam’s father who in turn is in his 20s to 30s, so  that age category would suit him fine).

60s and up

Last but not least: Which are the oldest characters in the vintage line?

To me, there would be  Gwildor. He just looks that experienced a magician and also he has that wrinkles in his face sculpt.

What figure would you put in which age category? Looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you for reading!

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