UNDER ATTACK: Top 5 Vintage MotU Weapons

We all love them all, we all lost some of them eventually (whilst playing with them): MotU vintage figure weapons. May it be a sword, a mace, a phaser: I’m sure you agree Mattel’s toy designers came up with some pretty good ideas when it comes to equipping our heroes with weapons. Here is my personal Top 5.

#5 Mekanecks’s mace

motu_figures_20160923_0073You just have to love that design: the mace is huge, looks electronic of some kind. And is yellow. Just some great attribute you would put into Mekaneck’s plastic hand and let him fight off evil. With that mace I always had Mekaneck take out more than one bad guy! 😉

#4 Trap Jaw’s Modular weapons

The hook, the gun, the claw-arm
: it was always great fun to change Trap’s weapons as this would always give me another great idea how to take out our beloved heroic warriors (it felt good to be bad sometimes as a child 🙂 ). With the hook I could Trap Jaw travel down some cable work, so that was awesome. As a result of these modular weapons, an already great figure became even greater to me.

#3 The weapon in persona: Rio Blast

Rio is ONE weapon. He has laser on his arms, his knees, his chest. And then there is this great twin laser that comes over his head. Pure awesomeness if you’re into lasers. Well, I am. Any many kids in the 80s loved lasers as well. I liked that transforming character when it come to Rio and he would not show his armada of weapons until it became necessary.

#2 The Snake Men’s snake staff

motu_figures_20160923_0055.jpgThey came in many colors and King Hiss and some of this felllow snake men had it: the snake staff. It is a cool design with that attacking snake spiralling up the staff. As a kid I always imagined that the staff could “spit” laser rays out of the snake’s mouth or even some poisonous gas or something. That made the snake men even more menacing. One could example how that weapon design contributed to the overall figure concept.

#1 The Power Sword.

CYMERA_20160903_140647.jpgWhat else could it be on #1? The one and only: He-Man’s Power Sword. That’s were it all began for me: Adam transforming into He-Man by raising the sword and saying THE WORDS. Center of many stories and playtime afternoons back in the day, the power sword is not only the source (or mediator of He-Man’s power) but also the central weapon in the MotU vintage line.

What do you think about this selection? What is your favourite weapon in the toy line? Let me and other reads know in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!

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