BY THE POWER OF CREATIVITY: Building my own Laser Power He-Man

I DO love the vintage Laser Power He-Man. But the original sells for several hundred bucks on eBay. Way too much for my budget. So not long ago I came up with this idea of building my own Laser Power He-Man.

This is what it needed to build it

unbenannt3I did take a 1981 vintage extra Tri-Klops as a basis and an extra He-Man head I had. This was because my European version of Tri-Klops had a nice tan and I think that suits the figure quite well. Next to the, I bought a small packet of Fimo clay (a polymer clay brand popular in Germany). The fabric can be worked easily and hardens in the air and it carries the paint quite easily. Talking of the paint: I used non-toxic acrylic paint colors. Also, I bought very thin aluminum foil. Material costs were about 10€.

unbenanntFor the back of He-Man’s power pack I bought a 2 x 1.5 volt battery pack on ebay with a closing lid and an on/off switch to it. This and the batteries were about 5€. For the front part of the power pack, I used an extra Stilt Stalkers armor.

For the illuminated power sword, I had to experiment with different kind of LED light sources. I ended up with a very small and low-consuming SMD LED which needs to carry a small fuse to take the 3 volts. The LED was about 2€ (without the trial-and-error ones which I use for other MotU purposes).


For the sword blade, I tried different things. Biggest issue was that the material would block too much of the SMD’s light –  so you’re losing the whole point of having an illuminated power sword. 🙂 I ended up with using a neon-translucent straw which you can get at party stores for about one Euro.

This is how I created it

I am only going into the things that aren’t obvious from the pictures.

The figure’s boots and the trunks were colored with the acrylic paint.


I then began to model the arm armor piece. I liked to go bigger with it because I wanted it to look massive. I did not want to cover the whole are as I found it nice to be stuck to He-Man’s arm – like a MotU cyborg extension of some kind. I took the Fimo off, painted it and glued it to the figure.

The SMD light was soldered to the cables of the battery pack. The SMD LED and the straw are then put together. As the handle of the sword, I used black tape that is draped around the cables.

I drilled a small hole in the the battery pack’s underpart, then used a little screw to attach it to He-Man’s body and painted the pack with acrylic color.

The front armor is also painted with several layers to create a flat surface. Then I cut the characteristic letter “H” out of the aluminium foil using a cutter. Made sure the foil did not tear. Glued the foil to the armor and the armor to the body.

Et voilà – turn on the power switch and custom-made Laser Power He-Man is ready for laser battle. 🙂


What do you think about this custom? Anything to contribute or add? Please let me and other reads know by sharing your input in the comment section below.

Also check out my custom-made Laser Power He-Man on my YouTube channel

Thank you for reading!

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