I’m a huge superhero fan. So this is pretty much my decade, as superhereo movies have been en vogue for quite some time now. Now they made the Suicide Squad into a movie. This seemed logical after Deadpool and the Christian Bale Batman movies. Dark-toned anti-hero movies find its audience. I watched David Ayer’s movie a couple of weeks ago and this is what I think about it.


First of all: any new approach to the genre is good. I’m exhausted seeing the same superhero movie over and over again. So any new take is good. I liked the anti-hero aspect of the movie. Lots of dark and gritty characters. Also, the action worked for me. Will Smith and Margot Robbie and of course Jared Leto stand out and make the moviel worthwhile to watch.


What did not work for me were two things: varying product quality and the movie’s climax.

About the quality: there are great scenes, e.g. the Enchantress’ transformation scenes, in which the mis-en-scene as well as the quality aspect of special effects is really nice. But then there is scene like the fight scenes in the middle of the scene where a lot of generic fighting is displayed that really seem to go and an on. Not to talk of the enemies’ “blackberry” heads for which really mediocre special effects were employed. In an unintentional way, this looks funny.

About the movie’s climax: the CGI effects of the enemies again is very mediocre, I did not really buy in their scariness as a consequence. But more than that I regarded the climax to be too generic: the good fight against the bad, movie is over. I would have loved to see Suicide Squad take on a more daring approach to the final scene – it would have helped to make the movie a more memorable, less replaceable movie.


Suicide Squad is a refreshing addition to the superhero movie genre. Extra points for daring something new and fresh. Deductions for not pulling through. But maybe that is someting that will happen in part two which will most likely happen.

My Rating: 6.5/10

Will I buy the DVD/Blu-Ray to add it to my collection?
Rather not, but watching it again as VoD is rather likely.


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