SPLASH! The concept of water in vintage MotU figures

Water is one one of the four elements (next to earth, air and fire). As essential as this element is to nature and mankind, as important it is to the MotU vintage line. Are you aware of the vintage figures that feature this element? If not, you’re invited to read along.


Mer Man: The Master of the Sea

To name the obvious first: Mer Man is apparently fully connected to water. He is the master of the sea (mer actually means sea in French). The vintage Mer Man figure has typical characteristics of a sea creature:  gills (face), flippers and fins and the open mouth typical for the “breathing” expression of fish. Very cool is his sword: it seems as if pearls are stuck to it due to long exposure in the sea.


Clawful: Did he ever meet Mer Man ‘under the sea’?

With his distinctive claw and head design and the red coloring, Clawful is clearly a crustacean – I classify him somewhere between a lobster and a crawfish :-). I wonder if Mer Man and Clawful ever met ‘under the sea’. 😉


Pink bites: the evil warriors’ Land Shark assault vehicle

The Land Shark vehicle is quite an interesting crossover. Clearly a shark from the outside, the evil warriors’ vehicle is moved by a chain drive equal to a tank. The vibrant rosy color design deflects from the fact that this actually is a marine animal.

The concept of spraying water as an action feature was also used in the vintage line and resulted in such fun-to-play figures like Dragon Blaster Skeletor, Snout Spout and Kobra Khan (watch my YouTube video of Kobra Khan poison-spraying Fisto to recall how awesome that action features is).


Did I forgot a figure or an element that connects to water in the vintage line? Anything to contribute or add? Please let me and other reads know by sharing your input in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

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    • Thanks for your comment. Did not know about Wind Raider… well now that I see it sitting on my shelf here, it really DOES look like a boat in some way. 🙂 I will probably do a crossover wind-sea post. 🙂 Thanks for the info, battleram.

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