GO CREATIVE: Top 5 wildest ideas that became a MotU figure

The MotU vintage line is well-known for its imaginative concepts: where else are genres mixed so wildly and ultimately so coherently? This is my Top 5 list of wildest concepts that became a MotU figure (and with ‘wild’ I mean ‘great’ ;-)):

#5: The concept that does not hurt: SPIKOR


Spikor and nails: separated at birth? 😉

How would come up with a figure if you think about “spikes”? Well, the geniuses at Mattel did. And they came up with this rather abstract concept and integrated it into a very balanced figure. Spikor’s “sea urchin” head, his spiky harness and the ever-famous trident are just one great realization of the spike concept. As a kid, his alien-like otherness amazed me. Spikor is a true wild idea come to life!


#4: This idea did (not) suck: LEECH


Both is true: Leech definitely did/did not suck!

As a kid, anything with a suction cup mechanism was great: you would have at least have one toy pistol or crossbow which would have projectiles with a suction cup attached to it. Once fired, they would stick to a window or any other flat surface. Coming from that, how wild of an idea was it to seriously combine that function with an action figure? And the creative at Mattel did really well: Leech’s suction feature is actually his mouth and forms a well-integrated part of his head. It was just awesome to press the lever on his back and attach him to anything a kid’s mind could come up with back in the day. This concept idea definitely did not suck. 😉

#3: Dracula meets Masters: Mosquitor



Mosquitor: Draculas as a role model?

It was only in 2013 that I learned about this Evil-energy drained insectoid. In Germany, this figure was never released. I got mine on eBay and the blood-pumping mechanism (by pushing on a button of the figure’s back, you red-colored fluid saturates Mosquitor’s Horde-shaped chest) still works. It is quite amazing how the figure creators came up with that in the 80s –  I think it is quite daring for a toy and it has some scariness about it (it is very dracula-esque). If I find it a very cool feature today, I wonder how cool I would have found Mosquitor to be back in 1987!
(==> Watch Mosquitor in action in my YouTube video)

#2: More than meets the eye: Stonedar & Rokkon


From stone to hero in no time: Stonedar & Rokkon

Actually Stoneday and Rokkon are two figures – but they share one great concept which is why I count them as one. Both figures could be transformed into rocks by “folding” them. In doing so, Stonedar & Rokkon have the perfect camouflage technique and so can trick their enemies. I am aware of the fact that this “transforming” feature borrows from other 80s toy lines. But hey, in a time in which cars transformed into robots, how daring is to take that concept and transfer it to something rather unspectacular as “rocks”? It is wild and coherent at the same time – the concept of these guys being transforming stone warriors really rocked me back then!

#1: Lego meets MotU: Modulok


Building a monster – Lego style!

Masters of the Universe meets Lego – who would have found that possible, let’s say in 1983? Lego was for small kids which – once they became older – would think of MotU being for the cool kids. At least that was how my friends and I would look at things back then ;-).
Taken that context, how daring was it of Mattel to integrate something which came from a toy concept designed for very young kids (Lego did not have cool Star Wars or Ninjago lines back then!) into the MotU world. Well, they did it with Modulok! This fierce Horde character came in parts – and could be assembled in many ways. It was up to your creativity of how Modulok looked like. Combining the power and good memories about Lego with the MotU line was a daring but brilliant idea – I think that made Modulok a favourite among my friends and my #1 on this list!

That’s it about the 5 craziest concepts/ ideas that became a Motu vintage figure. Any insights that I might have forgotten? Please let me and other reads know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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