Why Roboto rocks

Unbenannt2.JPGRoboto is one of my favourite Masters vintage figures as it has fascinated me since the first time I saw it around 1985 as a then 8-year-old in its box at the local toy store. I mean the 80’s were the “robot” decade: you had the Terminator, you had Robocop and all those great characters. I guess I was always fascinated by having a mechanical figure possessing a will of its own.

Awesomeness: Translucent and Twist & turn
And then there was this 1985’s figures general setup: the choice of colors, the translucent body and the gear-wheels within the figure that would twist and turn and cause the visor to open and close. It was all magic to me.

Mechanics with a heart
So what’s Roboto’s background? He is a robot constructed by Man-at-Arms. He also is given a heart so he feels and acts like a human, less like a robot. The figure was designed by a winner of a magazine contest in the 80’s.

A closer look at the figure
So let’s have a close look at the vintage toy figure. The coloring of the red, blue and silver is great – it has some vibrance to it and even now after 30 years it still looks like brand new.  On his right arm, several weapons can be connected – they all came with the figure: an axe, a claw and a laser gun.

The most fascinating feature is his translucent upper body with the gears and the before-mentioned heart inside. When you twist the figure, the gears begin to turn and work. And also, the visor opens and closes when the mechanism is activated.

A creative and unique MotU figure
That’s about it. Thank you for taking that 80s trip back with me. Roboto  is one of my favourite figures due to its creativity and uniqueness. Make sure to watch my YouTube video on Roboto. Also, your thoughts are appreciated (leave a comment below). Thanks for reading!

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