Masters of the Universe 80s Toyline

He-Man, Skeletor — familiar names for a lot of kids that grew up in the 80s. Born in 1976, I was in the midst of the “Masters toy storm” in the beginning until the end of 80s. You will read more and watch videos in my blog about this great toyline. Stay tuned.

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Toy commercial kicking of the franchise:

You Tube Video collection of Masters of the Universe figures:


Faker from the Masters of the Universe Vintage Toyline

2 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe 80s Toyline

  1. I was born in the same year as you 🙂

    Of course my first action toys were StarWars. Mum was obsessed with Star Wars, so i had a fair collection during the early 80’s. Then fast forward a few years ( i guess around 83 -84) one shiny afternoon sitting in the local cinema everything changed. Aside from almost getting abducted (a story for another day) I saw an advert for something new….something mysterious….something called Masters of the Universe!

    Mum wasn’t impressed by those strange muscle bound brightly coloured men, but i had birthday money to spend so my first picks were He-man and Beastman from our local John Mennzies store in town. The shops changed hands many times since those days, but i still smile when i pass it by and think about the many Masters toys i bought there (and also my first Transformer).

    Many birthday days and Christmases past adding to my collection. 85 was a great year for Birthday and Christmas. For some unknown reason Castle Greyskull was a late birthday gift.

    I recall going to Tescos with my parents and watching Dad manfullly trying to put Greyskull together on our kitchen table. Sadly the throne was broken with the little peg that activitied the trap door being snapped off. With a bit of glue and a Star Wars blaster, Dad fixed it (a great fix, the repair lasted the castles life). For Christmas it was Point Dred/ Talon fighter and a sack load of new figures, many of them unusual like Buzz Off and Man e Faces. Over time i picked u a few new guys like Rio blast and a few of the Snakemen. The film came and went, but the new toys didn’t hold the same appeal.

    I guess i started loosing interest around 88, i grew up and the Masters line had started to wind down. To make a bit of cash it was decided that my collection would be sold at a local bootsale. Oh the horror!! To this day i can see that unwashed sweaty little man picking up the whole box containing my Masters and haggling with my Mum over the price. Looking back now i see he wasn’t a collector, but someone who knew their worth and would make money by selling them on. This was long before Ebay, but he was definitely a flipper. Years later watching Toy Story 2 seeing Al trying to sell Woody to the Japanese, i had a flash back to that sweaty nasty little man….they could of been the same guy.

    I moved on, left school and got a job just like everyone else. My interest in sci fi never changed it just dimmed a little. The Internet happened and i ended up at a memorabilia convention with some friends. This was around 2001 i guess. Walking down past a stall i spotted something familiar….could it be? ….yes! A vintage boxed unopened slimepit in mint condition! And….a Battleram also unopened. I practically snapped the poor sellers arm off 🙂

    Today i still have those two plus a few more vintage Masters all boxed and wrapped up in my parents loft. Im not a collector, but those toys represent a link to a period in my life, memory’s of friends and family past, of family holidays and growing up. Their more than just bits of plastic and cardboard.

    Cheesy to say it, but they still have the power.

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